GMS Choirs “Virtual” holiday concert

From Ms. Croft:

The students and I have been working on getting a virtual concert together! When I learned that after Fall break we would be returning to remote learning, I recorded the 6th graders right before we left for Fall Break. While it was very last minute, the students were up for the challenge and did a great job! (Not every student is in the video due to the project being very last minute. Some students were in band during the recording or absent from school.)

For 7th grade, 8th grade, and Swing choir, we were not prepared to be recorded yet in the fall. This means that for their concert, each student sent me a voice recording of themselves singing during remote learning. I, then, had to align and blend all the voices and accompaniment together to make it sound like a choir. I want to thank all the students for their hard work and submitting really accurate voice recordings! It is pretty amazing the talent we have in this middle school! I also want to thank my accompanist Janis Longbons for recording all the accompaniments and Mr. Larry Lord, James Roodhouse, and Bill Eaker for helping me with recording and video/audio technology! Enjoy the concert and have a great Holiday break!

Winter Week dress up days at GMS (December 14-18)

Monday – Winter Pajama Day Wear your favorite winter Jammies and slippers that are school appropriate

Tuesday – Red and Green Day  

Wednesday – Holiday Character Day Dress up like your favorite holiday character today!  The Grinch?  An Elf? Santa?

Thursday – Ugly Sweater Day

Friday –  Hawaiian Vacation Day!  Christmas vacation is almost here.  Wear your favorite Hawaiian attire today!