Science Technology Engineering Mathematics…and Socratic Seminars? 

Today at GMS students were engaged in incredible “minds-on” learning projects. 6th grade science conducted their catapult design launch finals, where students were challenged to use STEM design skills and test their catapults for distance or accuracy. In 7th ELA students actively lead a Socratic Seminar on the topics is the Triangle Fire, Hindenburg and Titanic. They lead a phenomenal discussion and debate, while the outer circles peer edit and online chat with peers and the teacher on the topic discussed. 

Geneseo Middle School Grounds day pairs up with Earth Day events to “green” up our school and walking track 

So many adults and children use the GMS grounds and walking track for health and wellness. It is a massive job to weed, clean up, trim bushes and plants, and lay mulch for so much open space.

Thank you to Mrs. DePauw, Mrs. Reakes, Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Petrov, Mr. Monier, Mr. Mathew, Mrs. Hamer and her husband, Miss Wendy, Mrs. Brucher and all the parents and kids that came to help GMS look beautiful this spring.