On The Same Page “The Paper Cowboy”

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Here is a description of “The Paper Cowboy” from author Kristin Levine’s website:

“Though he thinks of himself as a cowboy, Tommy is really a bully.  He’s always playing cruel jokes on classmates or stealing from the store. But Tommy has a reason: life at home is tough. His abusive mother isn’t well; in fact, she may be mentally ill, and his sister, Mary Lou, is in the hospital badly burned from doing a chore it was really Tommy’s turn to do. To make amends, Tommy takes over Mary Lou’s paper route. But the paper route also becomes the perfect way for Tommy to investigate his neighbors after stumbling across a copy of The Daily Worker, a communist newspaper.”

A Holiday Concert!

7th and 8th grade bands and choirs performed incredible music to usher in the holidays. Well done to the Swing Choir and Jazz Band on some extended entertainment, and thank you Ms. Warren and Mr. Versluis for your hard work and love of music, it really shows.