Week of October 23rd Shout Out!

We’re 1/4th of the way through the 6th grade year already!  Second quarter means we switch our focus on fact fluency from multiplication to division.  Our ultimate goal is still 60 problems correct in 60 seconds.  With our very first division timed test of the year, we had FOUR students get a 60 out of 60.  Congrats to Kelsey Dillie, Allyson Ford, Brayden Combs and Caleb Craterfield!

Week of October 2nd Shout Out!

This week’s shout out goes to my homeroom.  They were lagging behind in pie/cookie dough sales, and we had the lowest average per person of the entire 6th grade.  But in the last day of sales, they sold 94 items, to bring our average items per seller up to 20.6!!

Nice job putting in the extra effort homeroom!  Winners for the fundraiser will be announced soon, and remember pick up day is Thursday, November 2nd!

Week of September 4th shout out!

We’ve had such a great week, we need two shout outs to cover it!

First, thanks to Kodie Hudson and Brayden Combs for volunteering to be the Gillespie homeroom Student Senate representatives!  Our homeroom will be well represented by you two!

Second, our 6th period math class had FOUR students get 60 out of 60 on their multiplication timed test today!!  Congrats to Caleb Craterfield, Allyson Ford, Brayden Combs and Hayden Moore!

Week of August 28th Shout Out!!

This week’s shout out goes to Kelsey Dillie in 1st period. ¬†Kelsey got a 60 out of 60 on our multiplication timed test this week!! ¬†Which means she is our first Timed Test All Star.

This is the first time since Mrs. Gillespie has taught 6th grade that a student has gotten a 60 out of 60 on the very first timed test. Congrats Kelsey, keep it up!

Welcome to Mrs. Gillespie’s class!

Hello 6th graders of 2017-2018!  Welcome to my class.  I use this blog to post the homework assignment on line (click the name of your class at the top of this page).

I also use this page to post documents and pictures. ¬†This includes answer keys to study guides, pictures of what we’re doing in class, etc.

In addition, once a week I will post a “shout out” about something great one of our classmates is doing.

Finally, this blog has links to other websites you might find useful for math class, like Quizlet and our Big Ideas textbook website.