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Music Workshop activities

The Firebird- here is a link to a page that will direct you to activities for ALL movements has many games and activities to practice a variety of musical concepts.

Here are some interesting videos I have found:

Enjoy a daily sing-along from a colleague of mine:

DIY recorder bagpipe

Musical Videos


Many Videos compose Disney’s “Music Land”. This is one of my favorites.
This is one of many great videos from Disney’s “Make Music Mine”
Here is one animated version telling Prokofiev’s famous musical rendition of “Peter and the Wolf”

Spring Songs

Netflix-Story Bots-How Do You Make Music?

  • Pitch is how high or low a sound is
  • Melody- a string of pitches you can sing along with
  • Harmony- 2 or more pitches sound at the same time-tends to make the music go further
  • Rhythm- Short short long, that’s rhythm
  • Timbre- the quality of sound; what makes one sound different from another
  • Intensity/volume- how loud or soft the music is
  • Tempo- when you go fast or slow, that’s tempo
  • Music- the organization of elements of sound makes in a way that makes people feel something-ex: happy, scared, excited
  • Who plays the “King of Music”?-John Legend

Other Videos

Bunny Hop
Hip Hop Bunny
Hop Like a Bunny
Keep Your Paws Off The Carrots

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Mike Eckwall

Southwest Music Teacher