Progress with Maple Leaf Subdivision Means Growth for District 228

If you have driven to the north side of Geneseo recently, you should have seen the first house being constructed in the new Maple Leaf subdivision.  The large house is a monumental sign of growth for the city and for District 228.

Project Leaf, District 228’s $36 million dollar facility improvement project wrapped up this summer with extensive renovations to Southwest Elementary School.  We now can say unequivocally that we have some of the finest facilities in Illinois.  Our big push now is to fill those facilities with new students from young families who decide to move to Geneseo.  With the district moving into the Western Big 6 conference next year for athletic and academic competitions, we expect to compete not only for titles in those contests, but for the students of those schools once they see our facilities and our community.

Geneseo CUSD 228 is in a great position to grow, as Geneseo and area communities grow, bringing new families to the area and becoming a part of the rich tradition we have here.  Help us tell our story of the great things going on in the community and at District 228.  Help us spread the word on why Geneseo is such a great place to live and to be a part of.

In the coming weeks, we will be having an open house at Southwest Elementary so the community can see the huge changes that have been made to the building making it a great place to learn, a place we can be proud to send our students, and a place that others would want to send their children or grandchildren if given the opportunity.

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