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Thursday, October 19

Math 7: There will be a Chapter 2 Test tomorrow.

Art:  Clay sculpture due tomorrow.  Friday is the last day for construction of student’s ceramic mobile phone amplifier.  Rubric is due Monday, and Ceramic Vocabulary Quiz is next Tuesday.

ELA: We began Natural Disaster research today.  All details are on Google Classroom.

Wednesday, October 18th

ELA: Group Book Presentations were given today in class-  Great Work!!  Reminder: End of 1st Quarter is Friday: all missing work is due for ELA end of the day on Thursday!

Tuesday, October 17

Math 7: Pg. 68-69 (11, 15, 21, 23, 25 ,26 , 34, 38, 39, & 42)

Pre-Algebra: Pg. 134-135 (6-12 Evens, 18-20, & 25). There will be a quiz over writing and graphing addition and subtraction inequalities on Thursday.

Art:  Ceramic Vocabulary Quiz postponed until next week, due to clay construction.

ELA: All Missing work is due by end of day Thursday for it to count towards 1st Quarter grade.  

Geography: Historical Analysis due tomorrow

Monday, October 16

Math 7: Pg. 68-69 (11, 15, 21, 23, 25, 26, 34, 38, 39, & 42)

Pre-Algebra: Pg. 128-129 (6-14 Evens, 17-20, & 27)

Geography: Make the Dirt Fly Article Annotations and questions due Tuesday; Historical Analysis WS due Wednesday

ELA: Research Bold Actions Essay due today and Group Book Project (with group participation reflection on Google Classroom) due tonight!!

ART:  Trace the outline of a cell phone you may use for your Clay project.  Bring the traced template to art class by Wednesday. 10/18.  Ceramic Vocabulary Quiz set for Thursday 10/19.  Click on Art link to find definitions.

Friday, October 13th

Reminder: End of 1st Quarter is next Friday 10/20.

ELA: Research Essay is due 3:00 pm on Monday.  Group book project is due 11:59 pm Monday!