Another year has begun! The time just seems to fly by! We have so many fun projects and learning activities planned for this year. It’s sure to be the best yet!

DSCN1809In art class, we create, we play to learn, change our mistakes into something beautiful, we inspire others and are inspired, and enjoy every minute of it! Art class is not just about creating works of art. It’s about exploring new artistic mediums and learning new things about yourself. You may find that while you are creating, you gain confidence, are more willing to try new things, and find yourself not wanting to leave.

Process is more important than the results. “Doing” is the exciting part! We get to explore new art forms even if the results are something we don’t keep. Sometimes playing is the way we learn! However, we do take great pride in our work and are excited to share what we have done when we finish!

Happy creating!

~Mrs. Walsh


Look at that shirt!!!- “Art my favorite class to dream and paint!”


13 Responses to Welcome

  1. Abby Bunce says:

    F.Y.I., U ROCK THE ART OF ART (better than Escher and Piccaso and Van Gogh put together!) ! I also like your ideas, Angry Birds, Emotional flower pots, and Robots.

  2. Xanthia C. says:

    This is Xanthia I just want to let you know that you were my childhood hero! I told my friends that at a FCA meeting, and it is so true.


  3. tessa erwin says:

    hi mrs.walsh ready for tomorrow #love art

  4. Aaron Sickler says:

    I want to be JUST like Mrs. Walsh when I grow up! 🙂

  5. Emilie B. 6th says:

    I wish that you where at the middle school because I miss you so much!
    : (

  6. Reghan says:

    I miss you MRS.WALSH!!!!

  7. Summer Rick 6th grade says:

    Mrs. Walsh I wish i could be in 5th grade again I miss you soooo much!

  8. Emilia Schmitt says:

    Hi Mrs. Walsh hope you are having a great summer can’t wait till next year. Bye. Keep On Being Awesome.

  9. I can’t believe I am going to middle school this year I am really going to miss you Mrs. Walsh!?

  10. Emilia Schmitt says:

    Hey Mrs. Walsh I just want to comment and tell you that I am planning on Trying out for Harvest Fest can’t wait till we get going in class.

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