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October 3rd, 2008

Education: My name is Sarah Schnowske. This will be my twenty second year of teaching high school mathematics. I’ve been here at Geneseo High School since the fall of 2001. I have a bachelors in Secondary Math Education from St. Ambrose University and a master in Education and Interdisciplinary Studies from Western Illinois University.

Philosophy: I believe all students can be successful in my classes. The key to success is good attendance and by completing their homework assignments on a daily basis. I recommend for students who struggle with math that they be placed in a learning center. It is a great opportunity for additional help outside of the classroom.  I am also available before school at 7:30 a.m and after school until 3:35 P.M. I am here to help!

Teaching Method: I use a Smartboard to teach the majority of my lessons, which allows the students to be more interactive in class. These lessons can easily be posted. I have the lessons under each class for students to print off when they are absent or to bring to class. Also, I use individual white boards on a regular basis. This allows me to get direct feedback from all the students to see who is understanding the material being covered. When I teach, I try to emphasize to the students the importance of the material being covered whether it be for a future class or in the real world. If importance is placed on the material, then they are more likely to remember it.