A Look at the Week of10/19

  • Monday: Southern Colonies Notes
  • Tuesday: Southern Colonies Notes
  • Wednesday: 13 Colonies Kahoot
  • Thursday: 13 Colonies Skyward Test
  • Friday: 3 Colonies Skyward Test

Lit Circle Sites

Black Duck-Janet Taylor Lisle

author website


Crossing the Wire-Will Hobbes

Read this part and click on the part under the picture where it says:

Learn where Will got

the ideas for this story!

See photos!

Look at the rest of the site.


Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie-Jordan Sonnenblick

Click on:

He talks about all his books. And booktalks on bottom

author site


Eva-Peter Dickinson

Roll down until you can read about Eva

He answers a question about theme


Fallen Angels-Walter Dean Myers

students website done for Fallen Angels.  Check out the bottom of the site


The House of the Scorpion-Nancy Farmer

Read the author interview


The Illustrated Man-Ray Bradbury

watch the trailer

author site short videos


Leviathan-Scott Westerfeld

see me to watch

author site


Life As We Knew It-Susan Beth Pfeffer

see me

author blog


Lord of the Flies-William Golding

1963 movie trailer

photos from 1990 movie


Memory Boy-Will Weaver

Watch both videos about the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, which is by Mt. Ranier

author site


Notes from the Midnight Driver-Jordan Sonnenblick

Click on:

He talks about all his books. And booktalks on bottom

author site


Schooled-Gordon Korman

It gives an interview about his first book.

a teacher’s lessons about the 60’s-Lots of info and media


So B. It-Sarah Weeks

read info, explore site


Someone Named Eva-Joan M. Wolf

author site has additional history and pictures at bottom of part about book


Touching Spirit Bear-Ben Mikaelsen

Click on:

Read the interview.  You can look at the rest of the site.


Woods Runner-Gary Paulsen

See Mrs. Anderson for Youtube