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Attention 2019-2020 AP Government students!!!!!!

(Textbook is now available online to purchase!)

In order to participate in AP government you must purchase the textbook. I will attach directions for purchasing the textbook directly under this message. The cost of the textbook is $50. If you have any questions concerning the textbook please feel free to email me:

Harrington Quick Start Fall 2019


Welcome to Mr. Harrington’s AP Government Page.

In order to navigate the website effectively, be sure to pay attention to the “Pages” tabs to the left. The tabs will house resources, lessons, links, etc to help you with course material. If you run into any problems, please feel free to email me at any time:

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Unit 1: Constitutional Underpinnings

Unit 2: Civil Liberties/Rights

Unit 3: Congress

Unit 4: Executive Branch

Unit 5: Political Parties/Interest Groups

Unit 6: Judicial Branch

Unit 7: Political Socialization & Media

AP Exam Review

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