“Grading Policy”:

        Per the state, district, and our personal belief, you will not receive a “normal” grade during this time.  All key stakeholders agree that during this unprecedented time your focus should be on your health, family, and then your academic growth.  The focus should not be maintaining a certain letter grade. Therefore, we will be moving to a Pass/Incomplete grade during this remote learning time and will not be unfairly penalizing students through traditional letter grades.  However, your academic progress will still be tracked, monitored, and supported through teacher feedback and skyward.


    What does this mean?:

    • Each week you will be asked to complete certain assignments.
    • As you complete these assignments, submit through google classroom unless directed otherwise by a specific teacher.
    • When the week is finished, or on the “Due Date,”  an assignment/grade category will be created and logged in Skyward in order to track your individual progress.
      • Your assignment will be worth ZERO points in order to ensure no academic penalties.
      • IF you PASS your assignments for the week, you will receive a ZERO.
      • IF you have an INCOMPLETE for the week, you will have an * and the assignment will be marked missing.
      • You will have the opportunity to complete these assignments to achieve a ZERO but will need to communicate with me to determine the next steps.
  • M     3/16     IAR Tests, Science-Project Due

    T      3/17     IAR Tests

    W     3/18     History-Test

    Th    3/19     Algebra, PreAlgebra, MathTT-Tests

    F      3/20     ELA-Essays Due

  • M     3/9

    T      3/10

    W     3/11

    Th    3/12     FACS-Stories Due

    F      3/13

  • M     3/2     Science-Test

    T      3/3     Science-Test

    W     3/4     History-Test, Algebra-Quiz

    Th    3/5

    F      3/6     ELA-Quiz

  • M     2/24

    T      2/25     History-Quiz

    W     2/26

    Th    2/27     History-Quiz

    F      2/28     PreAlgebra-Quiz, Math TT-Quiz, ELA-Quiz

  • M     2/17     No School

    T      2/18

    W     2/19     Algebra-Test

    Th    2/20

    F      2/21     FACS-Quiz

  • M     2/10     Science-Quiz, ELA-Projects Due

    T      2/11

    W     2/12     History-Quiz

    Th   2/13

    F      2/14

  • M     2/3

    T      2/4     ELA-Test

    W     2/5     History-Quiz

    Th    2/6     Math TT-Quiz

    F      2/7     PreAlgebra-Quiz

  • M     1/27

    T      1/28

    W     1/29     Algebra-Quiz, PreAlgebra-Quiz, History-Quiz

    Th    1/30     Science-Test

    F      1/31

  • M     1/20     No School

    T      1/21     History-Quiz

    W     1/22     ELA-Quiz

    Th    1/23

    F      1/24