Week of April 23rd-27th

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  • Book Fair
  • Work on Graphic Organizer–Due End of period Tomorrow


NO Red Ink–Intro Paragraphs–Recognizing Strong Thesis
Work on Graphic Organizer/Script


No RED INK–Intro Paragraphs–Hooks: Agreeing and Disagreeing
Work on Argumentative Script (Due Thursday)


No Red Ink–Intro Paragraph–Evaluating Bridges

Review Powtoons and Project Expectations–Presentations Begin May 7th


Work on Project


Week of April 16th-20th

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NO Red Ink Subordinating Conjunctions–Test on Friday

Argumentative Research using Gale Opposing Viewpoint–Handouts on Google Classroom

Argumentative Parody Video

**All Research/Work Cited/Notecards Due Monday


Week of April 9th-13th

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Argumentative Quiz

No Red Ink–Comma Splices

Complete Trace and Evaluate  “Better Training for New Drivers” with a partner for tomorrow

ASAP School Climate Survey


No Red Ink–Identifying Conjunctive Adverbs

Counterclaim task cards–With Partner

Close Read–Pro/Con


No Red Ink–Conjunctive Adverbs

Compare viewpoints on pg 247–Arugments start with research

Trace and Evaluate–“Is 16 to Young to Drive a Car?”


No Read in Quiz day Review

Compare viewpoints on pg 247–Discuss “Is 16 to Young to Drive a Car?”

Read/Trace and Evaluate “Fatal Car Crashes Drop for 16 year olds…”


No Red Ink–Quiz

Article Quiz

Discussion on Viewpoint–Introduce Gale Researcher and decide on research Topic for Monday.









Week of April 2nd-6th

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No Red Ink–Indentifying Coordinating Conjunctions (“FANBOYS”) Day 1

** Finish “Who Killed Five Fingered Freddy”

** Explain that this type of reason is used to building an argument.

  • Complete “Who killed the Baroness”– Build and argument using previous understanding and work as a team


No Red Ink–Function of Coordinating Conjunctions–Day 2

  • Review Baroness and think time why students selected other students arguments/debates as strong?
  • Essential Question–What makes an argument better than its opposition?  What elements should it possess?
  • Review Yellow 5 parts of an Argument handout from beginning of the year–explain that today we are going to focus on Claim and Counter Claim

Argumentation Prezi Presentation (Blue Handout/Counterargument needed–Notes in Comp. Book


Evaluating Coordinating Conjunctions Day 3 (“Fanboys”)

Review 5 Elements of an argument–

Essential Question–What does it mean to “evaluate”? What types of things and why would we evaluate?

**Review Dystopian Society Survey and ask students to “evaluate” the feedback.

Read–Pg 243–Complete: How to Trace and Evaluate An Argument (Quiz on this)

Complete “What the Brain Says about Maturity” pg 236–Together (Finish Tomorrow if run out of time


No Red Ink Quiz–Identifying/Function/Evaluating–Practice Quiz (Compound/Complex Sentence)

Review: How to Trace and evaluate an Argument–Types of Evidence

Finish “What the Brain Says about Maturity”

Partner to Trace and Evaluate “Leave the Voting Age Alone” Pg. 237-238

Parts of an Argument Quizlet

**Grammar Quiz Tomorrow: Coordinating Conjunctions


**Review how to trace and evaluate an argument–Review types of evidence (Quiz on this on Monday–Do Quizlet Review Over Weekend)

Coordinating Conjunction Quiz (Identifying, Function, and Evaluating)

**Students will need to complete “Better Training for New Drivers” and some will complete another.

Argumentative Kahoot


Week of March 19th-23rd

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Bell Ringer–Quickwrite

Finish reading “Marigolds” Pg 220-224

Study Vocabulary–Quiz tomorrow

Dystopian Fiction Quiz



Bell Ringer–Quick Write

“Marigolds” Quiz

Discussion of Motivation/Symbolism and Theme

Close Read–Poetry–Due Friday



Quick Write

Inferencing Prezi

“Hanging Fire”/”Teenagers”–Pg 229-233–Worksheet/Due Friday



Preschool Visit



Close Read Due:

Deductive Reasoning (Who Killed Five Finger Flanningan?)


Happy Spring Break!





March 5th-March 9th

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  • Proofread and add detail to Dystopian Society Elements
  • Review Powerpoint examples/ Colors and Meaning Prezi
  • Preplan Dystopian Story Board (Due March 14th)

Tuesday-Friday (Only days given in class to work)

Work on Storyboard–Due Wednesday March 14th–March 12th-13th is PARCC testing


Feb. 26th-March 2nd

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  • Bell Ringer–No Red Ink  (Pronouns–Subjects and Objects
  • Finish The Giver movie and discuss differences
  • Review Dystopian Society Project (Directions in Google Classroom)
  • –Students will decided on a Societal Trend to make a comment on


  • Bell Ringer–5 minutes (No Red Ink)
  • Complete–Back story, Geographical Layout Society, Bill of Rights,


  • Bell Ringer–No Red Ink–Pronouns/Gerunds
  • Complete–Government, Citizen (diary entry), Infractions


  • Bell Ringer–No Red Ink–Pronouns/Gerunds
  • Complete–Setting, Education, Healthcare, and Workforce


  • Grammar Quiz
  • Complete, Proofread, and Review Story–Ready to turn into Mrs. Gale by Monday
  • Brainstorm board layout and supplies–will work on this next week



Lit Circle Mini Lesson Prezis and Video Links

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Week 1:

Symbolism Prezi


Week 2

Character Types Prezi


Week 3

Full House

Christian the Lion

Theme Prezi


Week of Jan. 22nd-26th

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Dystopian Fiction Notes: Prezi

HW: Answer Question from your period and then pick another period’s student answer to responde to in Padlet

1st Period Questions
2nd Period Questions
4th Period Questions
6th Period Questions
7th Period Questions


Review Lit Circle Procedure
Begin working on Lit Circles–Discussion on Monday

Lit Circle Work Day 1

Thursday:  Introduce the Value of Work “Collections Unit 6”  **This lesson was adapted based on results of last Close Read and Quiz–A reteaching lesson of Central Idea–Close Read due tomorrow and Quiz over Central Idea at the beginning of class.

Friday: Lit Circle Mini Lesson Symbolism Prezi



Active/Passive Quizlet

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Click on Quizlet

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You should be in your classroom and find the Active/Passive Practice Quizlet

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