In Stiller Nacht, Ensemble 7-1 (Monday, ASAP)

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Non Nobis Domine, Ensemble 7-2 (Tuesday, ASAP)

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Part I

Part II

Part III

The Water Is Wide, Ensemble 7-3 (Wednesday, ASAP)

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The Turtle Dove, Ensemble 7-4 (Thursday, ASAP)

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Nigra Sum, Ensemble 8-1 (Monday, ASAP 2:55-3:10)

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Soprano I

Soprano II (mm. 65-end)


Lift Thine Eyes 8-2 (Tuesday, ASAP 2:55-3:10)

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Soprano I

Soprano II


Kyrie 8-3 (Wednesday, ASAP 2:55-3:10)

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The Tiger, Ensemble 8-4 (Thursday, ASAP 2:55-3:10)

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Below are practice tracks for all Christmas Concert songs for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students! I have also attached the practice points document below in case you need to print more off (remember your class is competing for 120 points)!

Practice Points

6th Grade

Sleigh Ride- Part I

Sleigh Ride-Part II


Al Shlosha D’Varim- Part I


Al Shlosha D’Varim- Part II


Ding-A-Ding-A-Ding (A, B, C, Refrain)

7th Grade

Gloria Fanfare-Soprano

Gloria Fanfare-Alto


Gloria Fanfare-Baritone


Hush!- Part I


Hush!- Part II


7th & 8th Grade Combined

Eatnemen Vuelie-Soprano


Eatnemen Vuelie- Alto


Eatnemen Vuelie- Baritone


8th Grade

Festival Sanctus- Soprano


Festival Sanctus-Alto


Festival Sanctus-Baritone



Carol of the Bells-Soprano


Carol of the Bells-Alto


Carol of the Bells-Tenor


Carol of the Bells- Bass




The First Nowell- Soprano


The First Nowell- Alto


Swing Choir

What Christmas Means To Me- Part I

(Part I, Piano Only)


What Christmas Means To Me- Part II

(Part II, Piano Only)

(Part II Down the Octave, Piano Only)


Part I & II



Hush! Group Soloists

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned! It takes major courage to step in front of the class and sing, and you all did wonderfully well! Below are the twelve individuals I would like to sing the group solo. Please practice over break using the tracks under the “7th Grade” tab on the blog.

Part I:

Kylie DeJohn

Rose Henderson

Faith Holtzen

Zach Nelson

Savannah Reisner

Keira Schehl

Part II:

Olivia Egert

Reagan Lommell

Jack Mannon

Nathan McAvoy

Haley Reynolds

Malakai Schaad

6th Grade “Al Shlosha D’Varim” Small Group Soloists

Congratulations to all 6th graders that auditioned! It takes a lot of bravery and courage to step in front of a class and sing in a small group– and I had a very tough decision to make and I am very proud of you all! Below are the eight students I would like to sing the small group part in the beginning of the piece. All students who auditioned for the group solo will be singing a special little part in “Sleigh Ride”.

Will DeJohn

Millie Henkhaus

Caidence Kies

Jordan Melchert

Josie Peters

Alex Slaymaker

Jack Snyder

Hanna Stroud

Happy Concert Week 7th & 8th Grade!

Below is the weekly schedule of our choir concert spirit week, extra-rehearsals, assessments, and fittings for all ensembles. Please let me know if you have any questions– and get excited to perform on Thursday!


Spirit Week: Black-Out– let’s see how much black you can wear!

7th Grade Assessment 7:50 am-8:10 am: All 7th grade students will have a combined assessment rehearsal that is required for all students. Assessment pull-outs from class will be canceled, and this rehearsal will instead be taken as your grade for the week!

Excused Absence Forms are due today, and will not be accepted beyond this date!


Spirit Week: “Mean Girls” Pink Wednesday– wear your favorite pink t-shirt to celebrate the day before our concert performance!

Swing Choir Performance Outfit Fittings Before/After School: Swing Choir gentlemen and ladies that still need to be fitted for outfits need to come in either before school from 7:45-8:10 or after school from 3:15-3:30 to be fitted for all components of their Swing Choir outfits.


Spirit Week: Choir T-shirts– tonight is the night, wear your choir shirt to let the school know about our performance!

Concert Call Time, 6:30pm: Arrive in the High School Gym dressed and ready-to-go. Students should wear a nice solid white top, black dress pants/skirt, and closed-toe black dress shoes.

7th & 8th Grade Concert, 7:00pm: Featuring the 7th & 8th Grade Band/Choir, Swing Choir, and Jazz Band.


Spirit Week: Voice Part vs. Voice Part– represent your voice part in a color blocking battle! More information to come in class.

Hello Choir Students and Families! This will be where I post weekly announcements, reminders, and other choir information relevant to the students for the week. The school year has been off to a busy but exciting start as we prepare music for the Harvest Festival Concert in two weeks!


Choir Handbook Packets were due Wednesday of last week– but I am still missing quite a few. As of Friday students are losing daily rehearsal points if they have not yet turned in their packet. I will also be ordering choir t-shirts on Tuesday so that they can (hopefully) be printed in time for Harvest Festival and need all t-shirt forms completed and turned in.

Students will receive information about the Harvest Festival Concert (Sunday, September 18th) next week. Please review the excused absence form attached to the choir handbook if you believe that you should be excused from this performance– this document outlines what constitutes an excused absence.

Harvest Festival Talent Show Auditions are next Tuesday in the GHS Choir Room. Students interested in auditioning can sign-up for a time-slot with me. Good luck to all auditioning!

Assessments have started this week! Students have done a great job so far of coming to their        proper assessment time and/or making up a missed assessment. Just a reminder– students have one week to make-up a missed assessment for full credit.

Welcome to the new GMS Choir website!

Hello! I am so excited to meet you all, and I can’t wait to make some beautiful music together!

Take some time and familiarize yourself with the different links and features of the website– I am going to be using it a ton to stay organized and keep everyone up to date on all of the activities, rehearsals, and performances going on this year. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have, enjoy the rest of your summer break, and I will see you all so soon!

-Miss Warren

mwarren@geneseo schools. org