71 thoughts on “Welcome to 4S!”

  1. Hi! my name is Reid Brodersen I play soccer,baseball and cubscouts hope all of you have a great school year.

  2. Hi my name is carmen Rahn and i have 8 pets and they are 3 cat 1 fish 2 geckos 2 dogs. And i have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. And i love math.

  3. hi this is abby holman in 4sh i have a older sister and a younger brother iplay soccer and i love jojo siwa have a great school year peace out

  4. hey, what’s up. I love that you are so nice.you are so sweet.you are so kind also.I hope that you don’t stop teaching.

  5. Hi my name is Hannah hurry and I have 5 pets a dog a fish 3 cats I hope you have a go school year.

  6. Hey what’s up so cool that you all get to be in her class i am in 4sh and it rocks Mrs. Shehorm is super funny and she pulls pranks and they are all super funny and i am so happy that i am in her class!!!!!!!!!!!

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