What Is the Age and Size of our Schools Today?

With the conversation surrounding ProjectLEAF growing, and more questions arise about the possibilities surrounding new construction, it may be helpful to take a look at what our current facilities are like.  So here is a quick overview of our schools:


Northside Elementary School
1961 Original Building                                   15,372 sf
1963 Addition (North Classrooms)           4,164 sf
1968 Addition (SW Classrooms)                  10,626 sf
2011 Addition (West Classrooms)                2,220 sf
                  Total sf                                                        32,382 sf
Milikin Elementary School
1967 Original Building                                                          44,897 sf
Southwest Elementary School
1972 Original Building                                                          42,750 sf
Geneseo Middle School
1997 Original Building                                                          84,000 sf
Genseo High School
1952 Original Building                                  71,609 sf
1954 Addition (North Classrooms)           6,395 sf
1954 Addition (Part of Wrestling)              2,286 sf
1963 Addition (South Auditorium)            37,205 sf
1963 Addition (Cafeteria Extension)       1,604 sf
1963 Addition (Small Gym)                             6,072 sf
1963 Addition (Locker Room)                       2,552 sf
1973 Addition (NE Classrooms)                   7,304 sf
1989 Addition (Locker Room)                       2,170 sf
1998 Addition (SE Classrooms)                    11,524 sf
1998 Addition (Storage/Wrestling)              2,637 sf
2011 Greenhouse                                                792 sf
                  Total sf                                                        152,150 sf


2 thoughts on “What Is the Age and Size of our Schools Today?

  1. Just curious why the new gym/practice building nor athletic fields, as well as the district offices were not included in the sf totals?

    1. According to the architects, typically non-instructional areas are not included– which would include the district office and the outdoor fields. The Activity Center was not included as no Health/Life Safety work nor upgrades are currently planned.

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