Monthly Archives: July 2016

Northside, Millikin and GHS Projects Progressing

Excavation of the site for the new addition at Northside has begun in earnest.  The fencing will certainly restrict some of the available playground space for students in the fall and spring of 2016-17, but the short sacrifice will be well worth the inconvenience.  And we certainly want to do all we can to ensure student safety!

The remodeling work inside at Millikin School is going very well and may be at 75% completed.  You can see the new canopy is being set now and much of the new exterior material will be up over the next few weeks.

High School excavation and site work beginning around the new concert hall area.  Houses purchased by the district coming down for both some construction staging work, but also for eventual additional parking for events (and won’t that be nice?) but once we open the new set of bids in a couple of weeks we hope to see even more contractor trucks and equipment onsite!

millikincanopy Northsideexcavation1