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Comment & Question Shared at the May 12th Session #5

There was one comment shared at the conclusion of the meeting:

“I’d like the committee to consider options that increase educational adequacy for the high school beyond 73.8.¬† This number seems too low for acceptability.”¬†

The Facilitating Team will take a look at all of the variables before making their final recommendation:  Educational Adequacy, First Costs, Operating Costs, feasibility of site plans, implications to taxpayers, etc.

There was one question:

“I don’t know whether ProjectLEAF is the forum, but would like to see if we could facilitate a discussion about Common Core.¬† I’ve heard some comments by Administration and teachers and know it isn’t popular among community members.¬† Would like more information please.”

We could certainly look at the possibility of some type of Common Core Standards community meeting and facilitate conversation revolving around such a topic.  This would probably occur after we complete our 6th ProjectLEAF meeting.

There will be more information posted in the next day or two sharing the outcome of the Master Plan Scenario prioritization.  We appreciate the more than 100 members of our school community who came out to participate on Monday evening.

Next meeting will be held on June 16, 2014, so mark your calendars!

Preparing for May 12, 2014

Be ready to come with your “Thinking Caps” on Monday night, at 7 pm at St Malachy Hall.¬† We have a great deal of information to work through as we review scenario boards with different options that have been discussed over the past few months.

Geneseo CES #5 Scenario Boards [UPDATE] [REDUCED 5.11.14]

We also want to discuss some of the financing options that may be available and the impact of certain decisions.

Financing Options Summary 5.9.14

Even if you’ve never come to any of the sessions previously, you are more than welcome to attend the Monday, May 12th session!