State Board of Education releases calculations for Evidence-Based Funding state allocations

This past week, the Illinois State Board of Education finally released the calculations for each district to confirm the amount of new dollars that previously was generated through the antiquated General State Aid Formula.  The legislation is designed to put more state dollars into the districts with the highest rates of poverty and lower property wealth per pupil.

Some districts will receive more than $1M in new state appropriations (for example, Kewanee District 229).  Because Geneseo 228 has a high property value per pupil, the State expects that we would be able to generate more local revenue.  As superintendent I have recommended in the past that the Board of Education may need to consider a rate referendum for the Education Fund, as there is little appetite for staff and program reduction, nor is there much tolerance for greater student participation/registration fees.

The District will receive roughly $100,000 more state money in this new formula that was called General State Aid, but the net increase may not be that much as we still believe that Transportation reimbursement may be reduced.  Keep in mind, however, that this new money brings our GSA allocation to approximately $5M when 9 years ago we received roughly $7M per year.


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I am the Superintendent of the Geneseo CUSD 228 schools.

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