Another Legislative Season, More Budget Gridlock

Governor Rauner’s recent address rallied a roomful of cheers when he stated that General State Aid would be fully funded.¬† Interestingly enough, this “full funding” actually equates to a foundation level of $6,119 per student… which is precisely what the level was artificially placed at in 2010.¬† There have been a number of different Blue Ribbon panels who have offered a multitude of solutions to an inequitable and inadequate school funding formula.¬† Different policy and tax institutes will take both sides of the debate– one group suggesting that Illinois has already overfunded schools and wasted money in certain districts, the converse taking the position that we are not allocating money to places where it is most needed.

This article discusses not only the position for the Chicago Public Schools, but in general, decries the facts that the type of educational opportunities that children receive are based in large part on the zip codes of their residences.

As reported at the February Board of Education meeting, Geneseo District 228 has seen audited revenues from General State Aid decline from roughly $7M per year, to roughly $4.4M the past several years.  There are limited ways that a new funding formula may benefit our district unless the State approves an Evidence-Based Funding Model, which identifies research-based instructional strategies and resources for public schools.

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I am the Superintendent of the Geneseo CUSD 228 schools.

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