At the last School Board Meeting….

The Board of Education:

reviewed the A-3 Team Charter,
heard a quick update of Technology Progress in the District, particularly the work of the K-5 Technology Coaches,
approved a number of individuals for employment, including Tim Gronski to serve as Director of Support Services in 2013-14 (replacement for Jack Schlindwein),
approved a District Communications Plan,
approved a SNAP Fitness Corporate Membership for employees to access a discount,
accepted a bid for unleaded fuel from River Valley Cooperative for $2.99/gallon for a 12-month contract,
approved a base bid of $78,833 and alternate bid of $9,133 for external doors and framework replacement at Northside, Southwest and GHS (with East Moline Glass),
approved a Health/Life Safety Amendment to replace plastic bleacher seats at GHS,
is considering establishing Graduation Dates for 2014 and 2015 to coincide with current practice (Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend),
heard conversation surrounding safety procedures at each school, including the ALICE procedures (upcoming February Parent meetings).

The next meeting will be February 14, 2013 at 7 pm in the District Office.schoolboardimage

Let’s Take Precautions Against the Flu

Local media has alerted all of us to the possibilities of a flu epidemic.¬† Several area schools have been hit very hard, even to the point of considering closing their schools.¬† The Center for Disease Control website has many sections of helpful information for the flu.¬† This site is specifically designed to be useful to parents.¬† We encourage you to be mindful of the impact of sending your child to school ill during this time of year.¬† We’re grateful to the fantastic work our school nurses and they are also a great resource to you in case you have questions.


“When is the last day of school?”

There are many questions starting to come into all of the offices and to administrators– from parents, students, staff– about when is the official last day of school.

Right now we are tentatively projecting that May 23rd will be a half-day of school in the morning and a half-day teacher inservice in the afternoon.  However, I emphasize that this is still a TENTATIVE date.  Yes, I recognize that the odds are that we will not have an emergency day between now and then, but not too long ago we had flooding in Geneseo that closed our schools in May.

So if you want to plan a vacation and leave on Thursday, May 24th, just keep in mind that something could happen beyond our control and we would need to cancel school and move everything back a day or even two days.  Any absences at that time would be dealt as an absence at any other time.  Students would be expected to make up exams or any other work upon their return.

As we get closer, we will be sending out more information related to exam schedules, early dismissals, and any other time-specific information you would need.

So at the risk of really being redundant, we are TENTATIVELY scheduled to end our year with a half-day of school on May 23rd.

Days of Bad Weather

Please remember that when there are days of inclement weather that there are several ways you can help us work through our checklists and procedures.

1.  Remember that we will communicate any emergency information to you via SchoolMessenger.

2.  Be sure that we have your most current phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

3.  Please do not call the school or district offices to see if we are having school, or if school will be dismissed early.  This only ties up our phones when we are also working to communicate with road commissioners, the transportation company, and others who help us make the best decision we can.

4.  We will try to notify you as soon as humanly possible regarding any decision we make, but as you know, midwestern weather can sometimes raise up in a hurry and create issues for us.

We appreciate your patience, consideration and cooperation.  We do not make these decisions lightlyРeither to cancel school or to hold school.  Also remember that our school district encompasses more than 260 square miles, so while it may look sunny and dry in your neighborhood, two-thirds of the rest of the District is blowing and drifting.  We transport more than 30 bus routes full of students, so we will keep trying to gather and analyze as much information across the District as we can.

Thanks for your help working together to make this a fantastic 2011-12 school year!

Working Together in 2012

I often marvel at the magnitude of importance of how adults can help a child, and more importantly how we can model working together and assisting others.¬† Let’s make 2012 a year where we make a conscious effort to serve each other in ways that are positive and productive.¬† Was discussing with a friend of mine how important this is the other day, and we were remembering this incident at an NBA Basketball game several years ago.

We are starting a fresh semester and it’s a great time to remember the role we all play in educating our students.¬† I’m looking forward to a fantastic 2nd semester and hope that you are, too!

Please Return on Monday and Be Safe

In addition to being Mothers Day Weekend, it is Prom Weekend. We want all juniors and seniors who are attending Prom at the Arsenal to have a great time, to drive safely, obey the laws and we expect to see ALL of our juniors and seniors back on Monday. Many other high schools across Illinois have problems with attendance after Prom weekend because parents call their students in ill, even if they are not, so they can get that long weekend. Thankfully, we know that parents here partner with us and help us get students to school.

Additionally, I want you to again notice and reinforce the dangers of texting while driving. Again, PROM– Please Return On Monday! Thanks, and Happy Mothers Day!