AP Review Packet and Lab Notebook

There has been an email sent out with this information but please read below.

Students are responsible for completing the Review Packet that will be quizzed over on 8/21. Use the links below to access materials.

1. Measurements

2. Classification of Matter

3. Fundamental Chemical Laws and Atomic Theory

4. Nomenclature

Assignment Packet


Students are responsible for purchasing their own lab notebook. This is a very good notebook to use but not the required one.

AP Chemistry Textbook Information

The textbook recommended for this class is “Chemistry: The Central Science Plus Mastering Chemistry” 12th Edition or newer. Any questions, please see Miss Komel or send an email (ckomel@geneseoschools.org).

Many of the students from this current year may be willing to part with their copy of the text for a cheap price. 

Some other materials that may be useful to purchase in order to help prepare for the AP Test are listed below.

Grocery Store Cakes and Your Hormones

Having just come back from a sugar-filled holiday, many of us are guilty of eating some things we know we shouldn’t have. Fortunately having that extra Reese’s Egg might not be the worst thing you could have ingested over spring break.

Recent studies have now shown that the preservative propyl paraben (found in 49 regularly bought grocery store items) can cause hormonal imbalances and miscommunications within your endocrine system, including decreasing your fertility and many other developmental issues during pregnancies or child adolescence.

Check out this link to read more about it and to see the list of products it is found in.

You CAN grow plants with saltwater

Environmental, I know our labs didn’t go very well. Our poor plants were assaulted (go ahead… let that one sink in).

But this farmer in Denmark has been able to grow crops while using salted irrigation water. So it IS possible, even though our results show the opposite.

BUT it is still a problem in degrading cropland across the world each year. Check out this link to learn more.

Can you drink dirty water?

We have been talking about water and how we have very little CLEAN water to drink to survive. Thankfully we live in America where clean water is easily accessible, but we may have found a way to drink any, and I mean, ANY water!

The Life Straw is a straw that has been invented to directly filter any water that you find. A stream? Sure! The creek behind your house? Of course!

Check out this link to learn more about the Life Straw!