Gas Laws Exploration

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We all had a lot of fun today exploring the effects of gas laws.

What activity was your favorite?¬† Crushing the pop can with rapid contraction of the molecules caused by differences in temperature…Blowing up shaving cream in the pressure vac as a result of lowering the pressure inside the chamber…Breaking a piece of lathe board with the help of 2 pieces of newspaper and atmospheric pressure.

However, now many of you are very stressed over figuring out how they are related.  Take your time to figure it out. Ask yourself what was changed and what effect did you observe as a result of the change.  This will help you to decide on which gas law the task was related to.

For Example:¬† The Cartesian Diver-As the plastic bottle is squeezed, the diver moves to the bottom.¬† When released the diver rises back up to the top.¬† By squeezing the bottle, pressure is placed on the water inside the bottle.¬† Because water cannot be compressed, and because the diver has an air gap, water rushes into the diver, compressing the air and increasing the density.¬† The diver sinks because of the increase in density and the increased pressure causes a decrease in the volume of the gas.¬† Therefore this exercise demonstrates the inverse relationship between pressure and volume as described by Boyle’s law.

Boyle’s Law states that as the volume of a gas decreases, the pressure of the gas increases as long as temperature remains constant.

Charles’s Law states that as the temperature of a gas increases, the volume of a gas increases as long as the pressure remains constant.

Lets not forget about atmospheric pressure, or the pressure caused by the mixture of gases that surround the Earth, as it comes into the explanation of the pop can and the breaking of the board.

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