Science Class for Oct. 21-25

M     10/21     Do Vocab WS, Review Online Resources

T      10/22     Test- “Chapter 8”

W     10/23     Do Test Prep

Th    10/24     Discuss Elements in the Body, Do Body Element Research

F      10/25     Read p. 231-236, Do Element WS, Complete Research

Science Class for Oct. 14-18

M     10/14     No School

T      10/15     Read p. 291-296, Do Gas Laws WS

W     10/16     Discuss Gas Behaviors, DEMO Boyles Law

Th    10/17     Do Gas Laws Lab

F      10/18     Do Vocab Review WS

Science Class for Oct. 7-11

M     10/7     Do “Properties of Liquids” Lab

T      10/8     Discuss Gasses, Do Model WS

W     10/9     Quiz over States of Matter, Read p. 282-288, Do WS

Th    10/10    Discuss State Changes

F      10/11    Do State Change Lab

Science Class for Sept 30-Oct 4

M     9/30    Test-Chapter 7

T      10/1     Review Tests, Do Test Prep

W     10/2     Read p. 271-278, Do “States of Matter” WS

Th    10/3     Discuss States Of Matter, Do S-L-G Model WS

F      10/4     No Classes-Inservice

Science Class for Sept. 23-27

M     9/23     Discuss Chemical Properties, Do Properties WS

T      9/24     Do Properties Lab

W     9/25     Do Chemical Changes Lab

Th    9/26     “Matter” Video, Do Vocab. Review

F      9/27     Complete Vocab. Review, Study for Test

Science Class for Sept. 16-20

M     9/16     Discuss Matter, Demo Displacement

T      9/17     Density Lab

W     9/18     Quiz over Tools, Complete Density Lab

Th    9/19     Discuss Properties, Read p. 255-257, Do Chemical WS

F      9/20     Do Physical Property Lab

Science Class for Sept. 9-13

M     9/9      Read p. 240-245, Do WS

T      9/10     Discuss Standard Units of Measurement

W     9/11     Do Mass and Length Labs

Th    9/12     Do Volume Lab

F      9/13     Discuss Matter, Do Physical Property Clue Activity

Science Class for Sept. 3-6

M     9/2     No School

T      9/3     Discuss Experiment Parts, Do Variable WS

W     9/4     Complete Variable WS, Discuss Formal/Inquiry Labs

Th    9/5     Do Catapult Lab

F      9/6     Complete Catapult Lab

Science Class for August 26-30

M     8/26     Discuss Scientific Method

T      8/27     Enter PreTest Scores

W     8/28     Discuss Scientist Stereotypes, Define Chemistry/Physics

Th    8/29     Observation Or Inference

F      8/30     Do Water Into Flask Lab

Science Class for August 19-23

M     8/19     Discuss Expectations

T      8/20     Discuss Drills, Read p. 4-11, Do “Inquiry” WS (Due Friday)

W     8/21     Work on “Inquiry” WS, Draw Scientist Picture

Th    8/22     District PreTest

F      8/23     District PreTest, Work on Scientist Picture (due Monday)