Science Class for April 23-27

M     4/23     Complete Speed Graphs, Motion Video

T      4/24     Motion Video

W     4/25     Discuss Acceleration, Do Acceleration WS

Th    4/26     Discuss Acceleration Graphs, Read p. 45-50, Do Friction WS

F      4/27     Friction Lab

Science Class for April 16-20

M     4/16     Heat Transfer Picture

T      4/17     Heat Transfer Lab, Work on Picture

W     4/18     Read p. 17-23, Discuss Speed, Begin Speed Lab

Th    4/19     Do Speed/Ball Drop Lab

F      4/20     Do Speed WS, Graph Lab Data

Science Class for April 9-13

M     4/9      Energy Movie

T      4/10     Energy Research

W     4/11     Bunsen Burner Lab, Read p. 197-210, Do Heat WS

Th    4/12     Bunsen Burner Lab, Complete Heat WS

F      4/13     Discuss Heat Transfer, Do Heat Transfer WS


Science Class for April 2-6

M     4/2     Discuss Forms of Energy, Energy Video

T      4/3     Read p. 132-137, Do Energy WS, Do 10 Energy Conversions

W     4/4     Quiz over Energy, Do Conversion WS

Th    4/5     Energy Movie

F      4/6     Energy Movie

Science Class for March 19-23

M     3/19     Read p. 161-165, Do Energy WS

T      3/20     Discuss Kinetic Energy, Do WS

W     3/21    Discuss Potential Energy, Do WS

Th    3/22     Do Energy Lab

F      3/23     Complete Energy Lab

Science Class for March 12-16

M     3/12     PARCC Testing

T      3/13     PARCC Testing

W     3/14     Work on Game Project

Th    3/15     Play Groups Review Games

F      3/16     Play Groups Review Games

Science Class for Feb 26-March 2

M     2/26     Test Chapter 12 “Chemical Reactions” (Day 1)

T      2/27     Test Chapter 12 “Chemical Reactions” (Day 2), Read p. 471-476, Do WS

W     2/28     Do Test Prep

Th     3/1      Discuss Acids/Bases and pH testing

F       3/2      Acid/Base Lab

Science Class for Feb 19-23

M     2/19     No School

T      2/20     Discuss Energy in Chemical Reactions, Do Equation WS #4

W     2/21     Do Unknown Liquid Lab

Th    2/22     Discuss Ways To Change Rate of Reactions, Do Equation WS #5

F      2/23     Do Rate of Reaction Lab, Do Vocab. Puzzle

Science Class for Feb. 12-16

M     2/12     Practice Counting Atoms, Identify Balanced Equations

T      2/13     Discuss 4 Types Of Reactions, Do Bal. Equation WS #1

W     2/14     Chem. Reaction Video, Do Bal. Equation WS #2

Th    2/15     Read p. 435-440, Do Energy WS, Do Bal. Equation WS #3

F      2/16     Counseling Activity with Mrs. Feely

Science Class for Feb. 5-9

M     2/5     Discuss Polyatomic Ions, Do Polyatomic WS

T      2/6     Quiz over Names and Formulas, Read p. 430-432, Do “Reaction WS”

W     2/7     Do Chemical Reactivity Lab

Th    2/8     Discuss Balancing Equations, Demo Reaction

F      2/9     Do Balance Equation WS #1

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