Pre-Algebra Course Descrption


Class Textbook  –  Big Ideas Math    ISBN 13: 978-1-60840-458-2.  Copyright 2014

Course Description  –  This class is designed to prepare students  to make the transition from elementary
mathematics to algebra 1.  Students will build upon their skills of the basic operations of whole numbers,
fractions, decimals and percents using Order of  Operations and the distributive property with rational numbers , polynomials and solving multi-step equations and graphing.
Course content and learning objectives – Students will review and reinforce skills in the following
mathematical areas:
1)   Solving Equations  –  Simple and Multi-step  equations including Variables on both sides  of the equations
2)   Transformations   –  Translations, Reflections, Rotations, Similar and Congruent figures
3)   Angles and Triangles  –  Transversals, Right triangles, Angles of Polygons interior and exterior
4)   Graphing Linear Equations  – Slope, Slope Intercept, Point slope, Standard Form
5)   Systems of Linear Equations – Graphing, Substitution, Elimination
6)   Functions  –  Linear and Non linear, Relations and Functions  ( Introduction only)
7)   Pythagorean Theorem  –  Square roots, Cube roots,
8)   Volume  –  Cylinders, Cones and Spheres
9)   Data Analysis  – Scatter plots, Two way tables, Data displays
10) Exponents and Scientific Notation

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