Algebra 1 Course Description

Algebra I

Class Textbook: Illinois Algebra I, Prentice Hall 2009, ISBN# 978-0-13-366038-8

Description of the course: This course covers: operating with real numbers, real number properties, solving equations in one variable, translating word problems into equations including fractions, decimal, percent, ratio, and motion problems, graphing inequalities, disjunction, conjunctions, and linear equations, simplifying and operating with polynomials, rational expressions, and radicals, factoring polynomials, solving systems of linear equations and quadratic equations.

Course content and objectives:
• Linear equations – write, solve, and apply linear equations.
• Rational equations – solve rational equations with one solution.
• Graphing linear equations and inequalities – graph using ordered pairs, slope-intercept and x and y intercepts.
• Writing linear equations – use given information to write a linear equation in point slope, slope-intercept and standard forms.
• Linear inequalities – write, solve, and graph linear inequalities.
• Graphing other linear functions – graph systems, piecewise, step, and absolute value functions.
• Systems of linear equations and inequalities – solve, write, and apply systems of equations and inequalities with two variables by using elimination or substitution methods.
• Exponents and exponential functions – multiply, divide, and simplify expressions with exponents.
• Graph exponential functions- graph exponential functions and determine growth and decay.
• Polynomials and factoring – identify, compute, and factor polynomials and factor expressions.
• Quadratic functions- solve and graph quadratic functions.
• Rational Equations and functions – simplify, perform operations, and graph radical functions.



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