Grading Policy

Grading Policy for Algebra I and Pre-Algebra

Calculator use       Non graphing calculators may be used by students in math classes.  Students may use calculators at the discretion of the teacher. However, the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide rational numbers ( whole numbers, positive and negative numbers, fractions and decimals) without a calculator is a necessity.
Daily/weekly assignments, grading procedures, and special projects     Students will be graded on daily homework assignments, weekly quizzes and chapter tests.  Extra credit is given for Math Minutes given at the beginning of each week. Extra credit will be added in under the category of homework.  Each student accumulates points from homework, quizzes and tests.  Homework is worth 30%, quizzes and chapter tests 70% of the students grade.   One special project may be given each semester.  Special projects will be graded as a test grade.
Procedures for Placement from 8th grade to High School Math Classes      Recommendations are done during second semester and are based upon grades, assessments, class work and participation.   Algebra 1 students receiving a passing grade of D or above for both semesters will be
passed on to Geometry.   Students with a D- and/or F for both semesters will repeat Algebra I .   Pre-Algebra students receiving a passing grade of D and above for both semesters will be passed on to Algebra 1.  Students with a D- and/or F for both semesters will be placed in a slower paced Algebra 1 class.

Late work Policy – Homework will be accepted late for reduced credit.

  • 1 day late – 20 % reduction.
  • 2 days late – 50 % reduction.
  • 3 days late will result in a zero
  • Late homework due to an illness is not considered late unless it is turned in after the amount of time as allotted by the GMS handbook.
  • Make-up tests must be arranged within two days of the illness, but may be completed with in five school days of returning to school  or before the end of the grading period, which ever comes first.
  • Please contact Mrs. Ayers if there are extenuating circumstances.



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