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8th Grade Algebra 1 and Pre-Algebra 

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Pre-Algebra    1st and  6th

Algebra I    2nd,  4th  and  7th

ASAP   8th   SSR   Bring a Book

E Learning

During the time we are out of school and working with E Learning Alternate assignments I will be putting in assignments for you to work on.  These assignments are for you to practice and as an introduction to new material.  When we return we will review and go over material that has been assigned during this time.  

All assignments are in your text book,  please read each section and review the sample problems shown,  if you want further explanation go to either Khan Academy or You tube and type in the lesson heading, ” point slope” and watch a couple of videos, then try the practice problems assigned.  All problems will be odds so you can check answers in the back of the book.  If your answer is incorrect look back over your work and find your mistake and retry the problem. 

Please do not make this hard on yourselves, show your work on paper like you normally would and then just take a picture and insert it into a google doc then attach it to the google post.
Please make sure you are attaching the assignment to Google Classroom and not emailing it.

Grading Policy

Per the state, district, you will not receive a “normal” grade during this time.   Focus should be on your health, family, and then your academic growth,  not maintaining a certain letter grade. Therefore, we are moving to a Pass/Incomplete grade during this remote learning time and will not be unfairly penalizing students through traditional letter grades.  However, your academic progress will still be tracked, monitored, and supported through teacher feedback and skyward.  

    What does this mean?

  • Each week you will be asked to complete certain assignments.  All assignments are due by Friday at the end of each week.
  •  An assignment/grade category will be created and logged in Skyward in order to track your individual progress. 
    • Your assignment will be worth ZERO points in order to ensure no academic penalties.  
    • When your assignment is turned in, you will PASS, your assignments  you will receive a ZERO. 
    • Assignments not turned in, you will receive an INCOMPLETE, you will have an * and the assignment will be marked missing. 
    • You will still have the opportunity to complete these assignments to achieve a ZERO

You can contact me at:  layers@geneseoschools.org

Remember:  YOU are smart!!  You got this!!









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