PARCC Practice

Welcome back 3-W!

Good morning everyone!


I hope you all had a fantastic spring break! I am SO happy to be back this week as I return from maternity leave. I have missed the kids and staff quite a bit! I have truly enjoyed my time at home with my little guy. He is growing like a weed and just the happiest baby. We couldn’t be more blessed. With the excitement of returning, I wanted to give a little sneak peek at our week for all of you to let you know what will be happening in 3-W. 🙂


*The spring book fair will be held next week! Our class will be attending on Tuesday, April 5th from 2-2:30. This would be a great opportunity to snag a few good reads in preparation for summer and/or to finish off the year! 🙂


Here is a peek at our week:


We will continue on in chapter 10. The next half of chapter 10 primarily focuses on measurement. We will be talking about all different types of measurement and using measurement in real life situations. Expect a test over the 2nd half of chapter 10 next week! We will be covering lessons 10.6-10.8 this week.


This week in lesson 26  our main text is called, Race Across America. We will be focusing on non-fiction texts. There will be a reading and vocabulary test on Friday!

Daily Oral Language:

We will be focusing on abbreviations this week and using them in a variety of ways.

Social Studies:

We will be starting our biography project this week! Students will be selecting a historical figure to research and will eventually be creating a project based on that person. This is an individual project. 🙂

We will also start discussing the events of the Titanic and what ultimately led to its sinking.


Happy Tuesday all! Have a great week. 🙂

Maternity Leave

While Mrs. Worley is at home on maternity leave, I will be filling in for her.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at through March 18.

Mrs. VanKerrebroeck

Welcome back!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break filled with relaxation and time spent with family and friends. I am looking forward to seeing all of the kiddos tomorrow for our first day back. : ) As we look ahead, we only have a few weeks left before we head off for winter break, and boy do we have a lot to do before that time! We are surely going to be busy bees in 3-W as we try to wrap up some units and squeeze in at least one more in each subject area.

Here are a few reminders/notes for the upcoming week:This week, Southwest PTA will be hosting the annual Scholastic Book Fair in the cafeteria. This is a great time to check out some new books at great prices, especially if you are looking for just the perfect fit book for Christmas! : ) As a class, we will be heading to the cafeteria on Wednesday, December 2nd in the afternoon to take a look at the books and the kiddos will have the opportunity to buy books at this time. I will make sure to put a note in their assignment notebooks on Tuesday night if they wish to bring money to the book fair.

Thursday, December 3rd is Family Reading Night at Southwest. If you and your family are looking for something to do, I encourage you to stop by to listen to some great reads by our guest speakers! : ) The book fair will also be open during this time.


Here is a peek at our week:


Our main text this week is called, “Aero and Officer Mike.” This text is a non-fiction text about a police officer and his K-9. We will be focusing this week on non-fiction text features as well as author’s purpose.

Language Arts:

We will be practicing our lesson 14 spelling words throughout the week. Reminder that Tic Tac Toe is due this Thursday! These were passed out on the Friday before break.

We will also be focusing on pronoun-verb agreement in our grammar lessons this week.


We will be starting chapter 5 this week in math which involves multiplication. We will be taking a pre-test on Monday to assess our chapter 5 knowledge and then we will be diving into chapter 5 and completing lessons 5.1 and 5.2 this week. Chapter 5 will be wrapped up before we go on winter break!

Social Studies:

We will be continuing on in our landform research projects! Students were divided into groups of 2 and/or 3 and chose a landform that they would like to research and present information on. We will be researching our landforms this week, hopefully getting started on a final draft project using Adobe Slate, then we will be creating models of our landforms using salt dough. Our goal is to have all of this completed before winter break! : )


We will not be starting any new science units prior to winter break as we have a big landform project to complete. When we return from break, we will be starting a unit on Simple Machines. : )


It’s going to be a great week kiddos! I am looking forward to seeing your smiling faces tomorrow. : )

-Mrs. Worley



Fall Writing Videos : )

Hi everyone! Here are the links to all of our Fall Writing Videos that students created using Adobe Voice. Click on the student’s name below to access his/her video. Each student created a slideshow with pictures and music and recorded their writing. These projects turned out fabulous and I am so excited to be sharing them. They worked so hard and should be so proud of their work. : )
























November 2-6

Good morning everyone! Happy Monday! I can’t believe we are already in our first week of November. October sure flew by!! As we look ahead to the next few weeks, we have a lot happening in 3-W so I wanted to send out a few reminders for the next few weeks as well as give you a peek at the week for this week. : )


Picture Retake Day is Thursday, November 5th. If you are wanting retakes, please bring the original picture packet or order form to school that day.

Our fall party will be held this Friday, November 6th from 1:45-2:30 p.m. If you signed up to volunteer, you should have received an email regarding the fall party. If you did not or have any questions regarding the party, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Any parent who would like to attend is more than welcome. : )

Next week is parent/teacher conferences on Monday and Thursday. Both of these days are 1 hour early dismissals. I am looking forward to seeing all of you on one of those nights to talk about the great successes that I am seeing in the classroom this year with your child. I will be going over primarily reading, math, writing, as well as behaviors with you all. If you have any questions regarding your child or how they are doing in class, please feel free to email me or bring those questions with you to conferences so I can get those answered for you. I will also have handouts available for you regarding ways you can help at home with math and reading. : )

There is no school on Wednesday, November 11th next week in honor of Veteran’s day!


Here is a peek at our week:


We will be working on lessons 4.4 and 4.5 this week, which focuses primarily on the Distributive Property as well as multiplying by 7’s. We will also be taking the beginning of the year GO Math! Test to assess what we have learned so far this year in 3rd grade.


We will be reading our main text this week called, Tops and Bottoms. Our reading skill for this week is theme. I will be pulling out additional texts this week to look at that focus on the theme or moral of the story.

We will also focus on vocabulary for lesson 12 this week with a variety of vocabulary activities.


We will be practicing lesson 12 spelling words this week.


We will continue in our Fall Writing Final Drafts. We hope to have these finished by the end of the week so that they can be shared at conferences next week. If we finish early, we will be starting an Adobe Voice project that students will record their writing and create a video. 🙂 Stay tuned for this fun project!

We will also focus on using quotation marks in a sentence this week.

Social Studies:

We will identify types of landforms.


We will discuss the functions of our skeletal system as well as identify certain bones that make up our skeletal system.


It’s going to be a great week! : ) Thanks for all of your support at home.


September 21-25 : )

Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful weekend! We have had such wonderful weather this weekend that I have been soaking up as much sun as I can get while also getting into the “FALL” spirit. : )My oh my do we have a crazy week ahead of us! Here are a few notes/reminders for this crazy, fun-filled week. : )

*This week is spirit week at Southwest in honor of homecoming that is taking place next weekend. Each day this week will be celebrated with school spirit in some way or another. Here is the schedule for spirit days this week:

Monday: Crazy sock day

Tuesday: Favorite Team Day

Wednesday: Hat Day

Thursday: Go for Gold (Wear yellow)

Friday: Geneseo Team Spirit Day (Wear green!)

*Thursday is also picture day this week. Last week the kiddos and I had a discussion that it is perfectly okay to wear a nice outfit for pictures as our pictures are at 9:15 in the morning. If they wanted, to change out of their picture clothes and into “yellow” clothes for Go for Gold day after we take pictures that is fine with me.

*There is a 1 hour early dismissal on Friday, September 25th in honor of homecoming.

*Flat Stanley is due back in school this week! If you haven’t yet, please send out a friendly reminder to your family member or friend who has Flat Stanley so he can start his journey back to us. : ) We will be starting to share these on Thursday. I am going to give the kids some time beforehand to individually check out their packages and all the goodies inside before they share with the class. : )

*Thank you to all who ordered Scholastic Books! Orders came in on Friday and were passed out to kids before they left on Friday afternoon. Another order will be going out in October for those of you who wish to place an order next month.

*Please make sure you are signing your child’s Friday folder every week and returning the folder on Monday. Please take out all of the graded papers/notes from the previous week so we can easily put in the new papers for the next week. Thank you so much for your support in this! 🙂

Here is a peek at our week:


We will be continuing on in our chapter 2 graphing unit. We will be talking about bar graphs and line plots this week. Our test for chapter 2 will be held next week. We will have math homework on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week.


We will be reading our main text this week called, “Bat Loves the Night.”

This week focuses on drawing conclusions. We are also going to take a look at non-fiction and compare a non-fiction bat text with the fiction text, “Bat Loves the Night.” Students will be looking up bat facts, and we even are going to be making some bats! : )


This week, we will be talking about verbs and will be able to identify verbs in a sentence.

We will be practicing lesson 6 spelling words this week.


We will be starting our unit on the human body this week focusing specifically on the muscular and skeletal systems.

Social Studies:

We will continue to look at types of communities and making a pocket book to help us recall details on the 3 types of communities.

We will also be taking a look at our Flat Stanleys to see where they have traveled and place their locations on the map! We will start sharing on Thursday. Not everyone will have a chance to share on Thursday, so we will continue to share into next week until everyone has shared their Flat Stanley’s journey. : )


Let’s make it a great week kiddos! The choice is yours! : )

Handwashing Experiment

Yesterday in science, we had a big class discussion about how we properly wash our hands in order to avoid as many germs from spreading as possible.

To help us understand how small germs can be, we performed a handwashing experiment where we used glitter specks to substitute as germs. We poured the glitter on our hands and rubbed it around. This was a great visual way for the students to see how germs can be all over our hands even if we don’t know it! Then we went outside with a couple buckets of water and soap and practiced washing our hands using the proper technique. We had a great time taking a look at our hands after washing to see if we were able to get all the “germs” (sparkles) off of our hands. Most found that they were still able to locate “germs” on their hands even after washing. We had a lot of fun with this experiment! 🙂


Week 5: Sept. 8-11

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful, LONG weekend. It was so nice to be able to have an extra day for relaxation before we gear up for another big week at school. I spent the weekend with my family in Wisconsin and it was absolutely wonderful despite the weather being so hot! I’m hoping it will cool off just a little bit here very soon. : )

Here are a few reminders for the week:Book orders are due on Friday, September 11th. If you are looking to order, you can order online through our class site, (Visit the Scholastic Book Order tab on our blog to access) or you can order through the magazines that were handed out a week ago and your child can deliver money to me and I can make the order for you. This is a GREAT way to grab some new reads at a great price. I saw lots of fantastic stories in the magazines this month!! I will be sending these scholastic orders out once a month for you to make an order if you wish to!

Midterms are this Friday already! I can’t believe it! I will be sending out an additional grade sheet this Friday in Friday folders to let you know how your child is doing in class. If you ever have a question about a grade, please don’t hesitate to contact me. : )

Chapter 1 math test will be given on Friday. We will be reviewing on Thursday in class by going over a study guide. I will be sending home review homework on Thursday night to help your child prepare for the test.

Here is a peek at our week in class!


We will finish up chapter 1 this week. Test will be on Friday. There will be math homework on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night.


We will read our new text this week in Journeys called, “Pop’s Bridge.” This story will focus on comparing and contrasting. We will take a look a characters, setting, problem/solution. We will also be comparing and contrasting a variety of texts. There will not be a reading test this week.


We will be focusing this week on spelling words that have the long “o” sound. Please be practicing your words at home! Tic Tac Toe is due Thursday. Spelling test will still be on Thursday as well.

Language Arts:

We will be focusing on nouns this week. By the end of the week, we should be able to identify a common/proper noun in a sentence.

We will also have a beginning of the year writing assessment this week. This will show me where your child is with writing and how I can better support his/her writing with my instruction. We will do this on Friday.


We will continue to focus on germs this week. We started a potato lab experiment on Friday so we will continue to make observations on our potatoes to see how our germs have affected each of the 3 potatoes that we touched.

We will also focus on proper handwashing techniques this week and there will be an experiment to go along with this as well.

Social Studies:

We will focus on the 3 types of communities this week. We will be able to describe each type and how it differs from another community.

We will also start Junior Achievement this week on Thursday.


Let’s make it a great 4 day week kiddos! I am excited to see your smiling faces this morning. : )



Week 4: Aug. 31-Sept. 4

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend despite the gloomy weather. It’s been nice to relax a bit after another full week! : ) We had such a great week together and it seems like we are finally starting to find our groove of being together and getting into a regular routine. I am really enjoying getting to know this wonderful group of kiddos. I really believe it’s going to be a great year. After all of our beginning of the year testing, we were so happy to be able to get into a regular routine this past week and I am sure this week will be just the same! We have so many great things planned for this week and I encourage the kiddos to come to school with positive attitudes and ready to learn! One of my quotes in my room is to “Make Today Ridiculously Amazing.” We try to make sure we accomplish that every single day. : )

Here are a few reminders for this upcoming week:

*Make sure you are looking at your child’s Friday folder over the weekend and please make sure to SIGN the folder. This way, it lets me know that you have seen their graded work and important notes from the previous week. Thank you for taking time to do this each week. It’s much appreciated.

*If you haven’t had a chance, please mail out Flat Stanley that came home with your child on Friday. Please mail him ASAP so he has enough time to travel to his destination and travel back to school by September 24. : ) If you are having trouble getting him mailed, please let me know and we can work something out!

*Just a reminder that next Monday, Sept. 7th is Labor Day. We do NOT have school that day so enjoy your 3 day weekend next week. : )

* I sent home Scholastic Book Order on Friday in the Friday folder. If you are interested in ordering books, please go to the “Scholastic Book Order” tab on my blog and you can access our Scholastic web page to order books through our class site.


Here is a peek at our week:


We will be covering lessons 1.7-1.10 this week in math which involves adding 3 digit numbers together as well as rounding to estimate differences, finding differences mentally and using place value to subtract 3 digit numbers. Please expect your child to have math lesson homework on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. They will have a fact sheet to work on each night Monday-Thursday.


We will be reading the main text this week called, “Destiny’s Gift.”

Our reading skill for the week is focusing on character traits. We will be using “Destiny’s Gift” to analyze different characters from the story and be able to give them character traits based on their actions, feelings and thoughts.

Language Arts:

We will be practicing lesson 3 spelling words this week.

We will be able to identify simple and compound sentences.

We will be able to form compound sentences using conjunctions.

Social Studies:

We will use map skills to be able to locate places on a map. We will be using our new Spectrum Geography curriculum this week.


We will categorize foods on the “My Food Plate” as well as discuss differences between the Food Plate and Food Pyramid.

We will be able to describe what germs are and how we can best avoid them.

We will be experimenting with potatoes this week to help us better understand how we spread germs with our hands if we do not wash our hands. This will be a fun activity that we are starting on Friday.


It’s going to be a fun week kiddos! I am looking forward to seeing your smiling faces tomorrow morning. Let’s make it a great week! : )

-Mrs. Worley