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I am very proud to share text from an email that Mr. Steve Scherer, HS Band Director, shared with me yesterday.  There are many things to celebrate about our school districtРacademically, athletically and artistically.  This is a great example of a truly collaborative and community-wide effort.  Congratulations to all of those students, staff, parents and community supporters who help make these items of note so possible.  Look how busy the students will be!

“I have the pleasure of reporting to you the results of the IMEA All-State selections for this year.¬† Approximately 1000 of the finest band, choir, and orchestra students are individually selected by audition, to represent each of nine districts in Illinois.¬† This year Geneseo has 27 outstanding students that have been selected as All-State musicians. ¬†

The IMEA does not observe any comparisons between schools, of the number of students who have been selected.  However, it is notable to our community that Geneseo High School (902 students enrolled) has the greatest number of All-State musicians this year, out of all of the high schools in the State of Illinois.  The next highest are Naperville Nequa Valley (4245 students enrolled) with 25 participants, and Edwardsville (2368 students enrolled) with 23 participants.  

There will be no award to recognize this achievement.  But there is a reward for us at the Geneseo Schools.  It is important to note that these students qualified for this honor individually, by preparing and auditioning by themselves like every other music student in the State.  Their achievement is a testament to their individual hard work.  The reward is, knowing that we, including all of the recipients of this email, have provided them with a solid fundamental music education, throughout elementary school, middle school and high school.  This distinction is something that we should all enjoy and be proud of.  It is reassuring that our curriculum, instruction and assessment systems are working successfully for our students.  Our school board and administration have allowed us to refine our system over the years, and have been protective of our funding, scheduling, and staffing.  Congratulations to our entire school community for this significant achievement!

Steve Scherer and Steve LaCroix

Our 2012 IMEA All-State Musicians are:
Corbyn Beck – clarinet, Hannah Burmahl – voice, George Daniel – tuba, Michael Daniels – alto sax, Seth Daniels – voice, Emma Evans-Peck – voice, Steven Gernant – voice, Lydia Flynn – voice, Emilee Green – oboe, Taylor Hager – Bassoon, Hannah Johnson (11) – voice, Keegan Jost – voice, Dugan Kuffel – voice, Hunter Kuffel – voice, Luke Larson – euphonium, Sean Lillis – voice, Hannah Lohman – clarinet, Anna Mason – voice, Kim Moore – clarinet, John Morris – tuba, Oliver Newton – voice, Jessica Schaumburg – percussion, Jack Scherer – voice, Dan Sears – voice, Dakota Watson – voice, Allison Yerkey – trombone, Ryan ZumMallen – voice.”

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