2016 Summer Training Runs will start on Wednesday, June 8th @ 6:30 am at the High School Athletic Facility.  Summit will follow from 8-9 am.  Hope to see everyone there…

Coach T. 


On Sunday, November 15,  we met to celebrate the wonderful cross country season we had.  Our booster representative,  Mindy Brown and all her helpers did an awesome job getting ready for our final celebration at First Concordia Church. A big thank you also to all the parents that help bring snacks for the night and help set up/take down. We truly appreciate all you do through out the season as well.  Thank you for a memorable season and I  Hope to see everyone back in 2016!  Coach T.  Varsity Letter winnersVarsity Letter Winners:

Back Row L to R:  Erika Furbeck (mgr), Julia Poel, Veronica Eilers, Josie Brown,Lindsey Bideaux, Callie Miller, Sally DeBrock, Caitlin Akers

Front Rown:  Molly Lembke, Taylor Claus, Jessica Daly, Madi Miller, Lauren Coulter

JV Letter winnersJV Letter Winners

Rebekah Beard-Emma Lovett-Bethany Urbaniak-Morgan Hartsock-Emma Lovett-Megan Coulter-Katelyn Mielke

Freshman Letter WinnersFreshman & Sophomore Award Winners

Diana Scherer (Freshman), Brandi Gatter (Sophomore), Adia Raya (Freshman)

Missing from photo:  Lydia Mejias-Dansbach (Sophomore) Caitlin Gorge (Freshman)

All AcademicAll Academic Awards (Only Junior & Seniors eligible)

1st Team 3.5 or above GPA (Back Row L to R) Emma Alexander-Emma Lovett-Lindsey Bideaux-Lauren Coulter-Callie Miller

2nd Team 3.0-3.499 GPA (Front Row L to R) Taylor Claus-Madi Miller-Sally DeBrock-Molly Lembke-Morgan Hartsock-Caitlin Akers-Katelyn Mielke

Special Awards

Special Awards

Veronica Eilers-Top Sophomore-Josie Brown MVP, Top Freshman Athlete-Emma Lovett Most Determined Athlete-Molly Lembke Top Senior-Madi Miller Top Senior, Most Inspirational, Most Improved-Sally DeBrock Top Junior Athlete-Lindsey Bideaux Most Improved-Bethany Urbaniak, Brandi Gatter Heart & Soul Award.

All Conference AwardAll Conference Athletes (Top 18 Individuals in Conference)

Josie Brown 9th place, Taylor Claus 17th place

Althlete Helpers at BanquetThank You Athletes for Coming to Help Set up! 

Freshman HelpersOur Freshman Helpers….

Freshman Getting AwardsFreshman receiving their awards @ banquet…

Sophomore AwardsSophomores receiving theirs awards at banquet….

Juniors Receiving their AwardsJuniors receiving their awards at banquet….

Seniors Receiving their awardsSeniors receiving their awards at banquet….

11-7-2015 State Cross Country



Results of State Meet

On Saturday, November 7, 2015 @ 6:30 am Josie Brown departed for her first state Cross Country meet.  She had quite a departure with the fire department, EMT, and one police car.  Her support crew was waiting down at DQ to cheer her on and add a little cheering for our departure. 

Leaving the High School.
Leaving the High School.


The police, EMS, and fire truck departure...
The police, EMS, and fire truck departure…
Great job on the window-Erika & Adia
Great job on the window-Erika & Adia
The support crew @ DQ at 6:30 am!  Molly-Diana-Jessica-Veronica-Taylor-Madi

The support crew @ DQ at 6:30 am!

Molly-Diana-Jessica-Veronica-Taylor-Madi-Sally (And Josie’s Poster!)

Wonderful signage made by Jeff Brown!
Wonderful signage made by Jeff Brown!
As we proceeded on down to Detweiller Park some Motivational Music ……..Tina Turner requested by Josie and then Christmas Music requested by Coach T and Adia!
Off to the starting line.....Josie-Coach T-Coach Graves
Off to the starting line…..Josie-Coach T-Coach Graves
Start of the meet.  Josie in Box 26 A and number 1073.
Start of the meet. Josie in Box 26 A and number 1073.
The start with 38 starting boxes with best of 2A athletes.
The massive start.
Supporters at Box 26 A for Josie...
Supporters at Box 26 A for Josie…



Josie with 400m to go!
Josie with 400m to go!

It was an eventful day and a great experience for Josie.  She finished in 18:58  in 103rd place. Her splits were 5:54(mile 1), 6:35(mile 2), 6:29(mile 3).

So very proud of all her accomplishments this season and Can’t wait to see what track season brings for Josie! 

Celebrating after the race with teammates.
Celebrating after the race with teammates.
Team support after the big race!
Team support after the big race!
Coach Ehlert and Will...
Coach Ehlert and Will…
A big Congratulations hug from Dad!
A big Congratulations hug from Dad! A very proud moment…..

12183905_10207035158424610_8714421906539255181_oA very proud brother and Friends Chloe and Adia

The Brown Family....
Such Great Family support from the Brown’s and Mindy’s parents.
Coach Graves-Manager Erika Furbeck-Josie Brown-Coach T.
Coach Graves-Manager Erika Furbeck-Josie Brown-Coach T.



Sectionals 2015 @ Maxwell Park Normal

And they are off…..Sectionals 2015
The Start of the Race....
The Start of the Race….

On Saturday, October 31, 2015 we were off to Sectionals.  The race was hosted by Normal University High School @ Maxwell Park in Normal.  There were twelve teams competing with the top five and top seven individuals not on the qualifying teams advancing to State the next weekend.  The weather was rainy and quite cold but the girls did not let this hinder their performances. They ran with their heart and gave it their all.   The team placed 9th with Josie Brown leading the way.  She was 19th  overall with a time of 18:58 and earned the 6th individual spot to qualifying for State.  Our next finisher was Senior/Captain Taylor Claus who finished 20:01 (6:40 Avg) in 51st place.  Only 14 seconds behind her was Senior/Captain Madi Miller (20:15 6:45 Avg) in 64th.  Then within 16 seconds we had our next three athletes; Freshman, 67. Julia Poel 20:22, Senior/Captain Molly Lembke 20:26 in 70th, Freshman, Jessica Daly 20:31 in 77th.   Our seventh runner was Veronica Eilers in 21:29 in 112th place.  All of the athletes fought til the very end.  Several of them passed 3-4  runners coming into the finishing line.   Thank you to all who came to support the girls and boys cross country that day in such ugly weather.

10/31/15 Sectional Results

Thank you for all your support!
Thank you for all your support!
R-L Sally-Julia-Jessica-Veronica-Madi-Molly-Taylor-Josie-Rebekah-Adia 
Dawn Daly staying dry in the down pour of boys race with Josie, Adia, and Jessica sister.
Dawn Daly staying dry in the down pour of boys race with Josie, Adia, and Jessica sister.
Josie Brown 19th place in 18:58
Josie Brown 19th place in 18:58 and 6th individual qualifier for the state meet.  
Senior/Captain Taylor Claus in 51st place...20:01
Senior/Captain Taylor Claus in 51st place…20:01


Senior Captain Madi Miller in 20:15 in 64th place
Senior Captain Madi Miller in 20:15 in 64th place
Freshman Julia Poel in 67th place 20:22.
Freshman Julia Poel in 67th place 20:22.
Senior/Captain Molly Lembke 70th in 20:26
Senior/Captain Molly Lembke 70th in 20:26
Freshman Jessica Daly 77th 20:31
Freshman Jessica Daly 77th 20:31
Sophomore Veronica Eilers 112th 21:29
Sophomore Veronica Eilers 112th 21:29

All Smiles…..Post race-Julia-Taylor-Molly-Madi-Josie-Jessica-Veronica

11412250_10207003826041320_759924022946777137_oMust explain….Coach Graves and Coach T with Mr. Kuffel are intently waiting to see if the official results are coming and being posted….

Josie getting interviewed by The Dispatch.
Josie getting interviewed by The Dispatch.

10/31/15 Sectional Results

10/24/15 Regional Cross Country @ Donovan Park Peoria, IL














On Saturday, October 24, 2015 the girls started their post season competition.  Our top seven girls are the qualifiers for this meet at Donovan Park in Peoria.  They were……

 Seniors:  Taylor Claus, Molly Lembke, Madi Miller

Sophomore: Veronica Eilers

Freshman: Josie Brown, Jessica Daly, and Julia Poel. 

Sally DeBrock(junior)  was sidelined with a soft tissue injury so she came to offer support to her teammates.

The girls race went off at 10:00 am with ten teams competing (Dunlap, Peoria Notre Dame, Washington, Alleman, Galesburg, Geneseo, Canton, Bartonville(Limestone), Peoria Richwoods, Peoria H.S.

The top 6 teams  and top 5 individuals  advance to the sectional meet on 10/31/15 @ Maxwell Park in Normal. In this regional we have several state ranked teams so we knew it would not be an easy task. The course was 3.1 miles,  and prior to it being a park it was a golf course with some rolling hills for the girls to tackle.  The team qualified for the sectional meet by placing 5th right behind Alleman by 11 points and Canton was close to us in 6th  with only 7 points difference.  

Finishing Performances:

9. Josie Brown 20:32

29. Molly Lembke 21:50

30. Taylor Claus 22:01

32. Julia Poel 22:07

34. Madison Miller 22:11

35. Jessica Daly 22:22

39. veronica Eilers 22:43

10_24_15 Regional Results

The girls had a nice surprise at the meet.  A lot of fellow athletes and fellow friends showed up to support the team.  Our photographer caught some of the moments:

12052567_10206967896143095_6346574947593260581_o 11935155_10206967918143645_7204510503866090957_o 11224502_10206967922143745_7227037634895533848_o 12185448_10206967924503804_3976451160134268464_o 12186538_10206967925983841_2752674513796864250_oSome starting line photos:

10472106_10206967943304274_4781366293404727044_o 12031462_10206967946384351_706302896011161125_o 12017429_10206967947544380_7691228146819491699_o

And they are off….

12182622_10206967968864913_7934519144348250048_o 887421_10206967994345550_1855174054377838526_o 12186577_10206968005625832_7266894827309562893_o 12027289_10206968024626307_4419075060411080188_o 12188003_10206968042746760_8067348770740437534_o

12182622_10206967968864913_7934519144348250048_o 887421_10206967994345550_1855174054377838526_o 12186577_10206968005625832_7266894827309562893_o 12027289_10206968024626307_4419075060411080188_o 12188003_10206968042746760_8067348770740437534_o 12186837_10206968160389701_1691527826235532576_o 12182611_10206968171269973_7364506089787591283_o 12186627_10206968174870063_2317394233893587503_o 12029603_10206968182830262_4460702044592340241_o 12185020_10206968190750460_3976462234491539085_o 12038601_10206968196510604_3519948866201410491_o 12182788_10206968202190746_7965717812739818532_o 12188214_10206968208030892_2113060190719827843_o 12140035_10206968210630957_4465549254435948537_o 12185205_10206968269152420_8519976114235996332_o 12186304_10206968290352950_7854455459219891565_o 10623509_10206968313033517_6525092226207951302_o 12038863_10206968315913589_2624303944794015485_o 12038585_10206968317353625_7833993345407612063_o 12182656_10206968327993891_5570271681431717257_o 12027295_10206968343114269_8125218953267781795_o 12188070_10206968359314674_2471438329830777644_o 11033727_10206968380155195_1626212014471039237_o 12045304_10206968395515579_2715662943263031593_o 12185052_10206968398915664_3454264423985597900_o 12188235_10206968408075893_1796146718117448702_o

10-20-15 Sterling Freshman/Jv Meet


Sterling Freshman/JV Meet is one of my favorite meets of the year! Its seems to bring the team together in a different way.  The top 7-8 athletes are pulled out to let the rest of team compete.  They still come and support the team plus do a workout.  In the Freshman race Adia Raya was our only runner.   Her goal was to come home with a medal by placing in the top 5 of the meet.  She ran a great race for her (23:12/7:44 Avg) and earned herself a fourth place finish earning a medal.

12022466_10206955790000449_9092475310689422413_oIn our  JV Race, which was shortly after the  freshman race  we had several athletes competing and for some of our seniors it would be their last race. (Caitlin Akers, Lindsey Bideaux, Lauren Coulter, and Callie Miller)It was an emotional race for a lot of them.   Lindsey was our top senior finisher in second place with a time of 21:41.  Several seniors followed and won medals as well:  Lauren Coulter 5th (22:35), Callie Miller 7th (22:48).

Lindsey B (Senior 2nd)-Rebekah B (4th)-Adia (2nd Freshman)-Lauren (Senior-5th), Emma A. (6th), Callie (Senior 7th), Megan (8th)

A lot of other athletes also ran well at Sterling:  Caitlin Akers Senior placed 14th in a time of 25:35


Bethany Urbaniak placed 16th in a time of 26:36


Brandi Gatter 19th place (27:45), Emma Lovett 20th (28:05), Lydia Mejias Dansbach 23rd (29:17)

Callie & Megan
Callie & Megan
Lindsey Senior
Callie-Megan-Emma-Bethany-Brandi Warming up
The top 7 that came to support their teammates
The top 6 of 7 that came to support their teammates Veronica-Jessica-Taylor-Molly-Madi-Julia
Molly offering some advice before the race!
Molly offering some advice before the race!
Josie and Adia showing off the butterfly's that Caitlin made for the team.
Josie and Adia showing off the butterfly’s that Caitlin made for the team.

At the end of the meet it was our 2nd Annual visit to Candle Light Inn as a finale to our season.  A lot of Chicken George was consumed. 

12031500_10206955795720592_4664127220957709991_o10_20_15 Sterling Freshman_JV Results

10-17-15 NIB 12 Conference Meet


Off to Afton Forest Preserve on Saturday, October 17 for our Conference meet  hosted by Sycamore. The weather was the coldest we have seen 27 degrees with frost on the ground.   This was the second time this year for a meet on the Forest Preserve. Our first time was on 9-1-15, approximately 8 weeks ago.  And what a difference eight weeks of training made for our girls.  Several of the girls improved by a minute to two minutes.  The varsity girls were off at 10:00 am with Josie Brown (9th) and Taylor Claus (17th) earning all Conference in the race.  Rounding up our top seven that day was Molly Lembke (19th) 20:22, Madi Miller (24) 20:31, Julia Poel (33) 20:55, Jessica Daly (35) 20:58, and Veronica Eilers (51) 21:44. The Varsity team was third (102)behind to state bound teams: Yorkville (27) and Kaneland (68).  Great Job Lady Leaf Runners….

The Frosh Soph  girls race was off at 11:15 with only four Geneseo Athletes on the starting line:  Rebekah  Beard, Adia Raya, Diana Scherer, and Brandi Gatter.  With Rebekah Beard (14) 22:20  and Adia Raya (17) 22:35 earning All conference Frosh/Soph.  Diana Scherer finished (32) in 24:02 and Brandi Gatter with her strong finish was 41st (27:55).  

Conference Results Varsity 

Conference Results Frosh/Soph 

Starting Line of Varsity Race
Josie 9th Place Finisher  18:54
Josie 9th Place Finisher
Josie making a move on the Sycamore girl.
Josie making a move on the Sycamore girl.
Molly and Madi packing it up....
Molly and Madi packing it up….
Taylor and Julia
Taylor and Julia
Veronica and Jessica pushing each other
Veronica and Jessica pushing each other

12140926_10206932681102741_4717968963146534864_o 11072953_10206932684702831_4152675606669465327_o 12091194_10206932690022964_1700113283695392994_o 12027261_10206932694663080_1370099223285688036_o 11013319_10206932697183143_989058450090222665_o 12110039_10206932706783383_5169377951045591517_o 12031586_10206932725703856_1434698485088915147_o 12140968_10206932736304121_5049640401468230384_o 10904595_10206932747784408_7877314499134387192_o

Coming down the homestretch!
Coming down the homestretch!
Madi jumping for joy she is not in his race…. Good Luck Girls,,,
Such a wonderful family-Dad-Taylor-Jody
Time for a results…
Way to go Jess!

11013486_10206932751464500_6249391183154266293_o 10904595_10206932756824634_6130162120892411312_o 10873017_10206932759904711_1921940431302576239_o 12140144_10206932769704956_2656010076249130214_o 12109969_10206932807665905_6207994521158387246_o 12132551_10206932822426274_3840913363869007530_o



Is it really time to start warming up? Lauren-Caitlin-Emma-Megan-Emma-Adia  12094783_10206932922548777_5633334190690424161_o 12140082_10206932937509151_7207357361538295652_o
Alright time to get rolling for your race....
Alright time to get rolling for your race….


10-10-2015  Metamora Invitational

2015 Metamora Cabin
2015 Metamora Cabin

This was our first time going to Metamora Invite… “Runnin Red Invitational” .  Traditionally we attended Sterling Invitational this day but decided to try something new.  This meet  had a lot  of 2A schools involved, which we would see at the end of the season.  The course was set up at Black Partridge Park (2.94 miles) just outside of Metamora.  A beautiful layout for CC course.  The girls loved the course, which showed because we had sixteen personal best.  The meet got underway with the Frosh Soph girls going at 9:20 am with Rebekah, Brandi,Lydia, Adia, and Diana.  They set the tone for the day with Diana running a 21:42 placing 55 after coming back from Shin splints.  Her teammates close behind her with Rebekah Beard finishing 63rd (21:54), Adia Raya 67th(22:05) , Brandi Gatter 128(27:56), and Lydia Mejias-Dansbach 131 (29:13).  The Frosh/Soph girls placed 13th.  The varsity girls were underway at 10:40 with extremely fast field with Maryjeanne Gilbert from Peoria Notre Dame leading the way with a time of 16:49(5:43 avg).  Josie Brown was our first Geneseo finisher with a time of 18:34/6:19 Avg in 22nd place and top 40 earning medal honors.   Great Job Josie!  Molly Lembke was our next finisher in 43rd place with a personal best time of 19:21.6/6:35 Avg.  Her training partner came in just right behind her in 49th Madi Miller with a time of 19:26.2/6:37 Avg.  And the tight pack continued: 57. Taylor Claus 19:40, 59. Julia Poel 19:41, 62. Sally DeBrock 19:47, 75 Jessica Daly 20:12, 86. Veronica Eilers 20:36, 119. Emma Alexander 21:45, 125. Callie Miller 21:51, 130. Lauren Coulter 22:00, 137. Megan Coulter 22:17, 197. Caitlin Akers 24:56, 203. Bethany Urbaniak 25:22, 212. Emma Lovett 26:02.  The Varsity team finished in 7th out of 23 teams.  A great day for GHS Girls CC Team!

10_10_15 Metamora Team Splits

10-10-15 Varsity Girls Results:  http://www.raceresultsplus.com/sites/default/files/results/Girls%20Varsity_7.htm

10-10-15 Frosh/Soph Results http://www.raceresultsplus.com/sites/default/files/results/Girls%20FS.htm




12140894_10206927361889764_1491054148769467662_o 12068958_10206927361849763_2376006247774072416_o 12094991_10206927363009792_7430310291344268347_o 12132380_10206927364369826_921918215454698117_o 12139986_10206927364329825_6525456190177738130_o 12120203_10206927375650108_6350872340298501203_o 12091182_10206927384090319_267661034273863054_o 12087763_10206927388930440_5255616052003801211_o 12080160_10206927389890464_1867970570764267927_o 12132399_10206927390490479_3882478606191186723_o 11231158_10206927393130545_1592662371905176843_o 12087041_10206927398850688_8966230963625069916_o 12091170_10206927405810862_5732939776237222551_o 12080023_10206927405770861_6651325262776319748_o


12079942_10206927413091044_8109821103766147894_o 12132546_10206927420251223_4795764700917087827_o 12094929_10206927425531355_4030552864420191005_o 12110009_10206927430451478_7463248961979291081_o 887515_10206927434771586_3322169809516029973_o 11225196_10206927434531580_7078879342110835881_o 12080345_10206927439491704_4209459169217834001_o 12113448_10206927440371726_5966673002761374504_o 10460642_10206927442171771_3271974948468840050_o 12091422_10206927443411802_6468355907065157355_o 12091245_10206927444051818_1125943919152684777_o 12138548_10206927445331850_2436628275696310536_o 11221604_10206927445651858_8150574638008402952_o 12080282_10206927448931940_3064201067406514841_o 12080374_10206927449491954_6822227624025891671_o 12109778_10206927451732010_6594890666047903799_o 12091429_10206927463812312_90424778009829511_o 12132433_10206927482772786_3620943081775420859_o 12087692_10206927517533655_5697086350117804377_o 12113404_10206927527213897_6451697309392299382_o 12132453_10206927529253948_8210875521543107068_o 12138482_10206927532934040_1708509106406322324_o

Saturday, September 26, 2015 Homecoming Picture of the Team missing a few…Sorry…




Friday, September 25, 2015 Homecoming Festivities…..

IMG_3634Geneseo Homecoming Court on the Cross Country Team…So well deserving…

Lauren Coulter-Lady & Queen Madi Miller 

IMG_3625 IMG_3626 IMG_3629 IMG_3631 IMG_3632 IMG_3636 IMG_3637 IMG_3640

Morning Practice @ 5:15 am Friday, September 25…..

The senior captains chose to have practice on Friday at 5:15 am so everyone could attend the homecoming festivities.  For practice they had them do some continuous relays of 800-400’s.  The girls had a quick turn around after a meet the night before but they responded with such great enthusiasm!


IMG_3612 IMG_3613 IMG_3614 IMG_3618 IMG_3620 IMG_3622


12022504_10207691013742050_5169295590202226079_oRock Island Invitational

On Thursday, September 24, 2015 The Girls team traveled to Loud Thunder to participate in the Rock Island Invitational.  This meet was  previously held at Saukie Golf Course with all three levels running,  Middle School, High School and College Teams(40 teams)  on a Friday night.  This meet was getting to big with all levels on the same course, same night,  and not enough parking for all the  fans.  So the meet was moved to Loud Thunder with only the Middle School and High School CC teams participating and moved to a Thursday night, which I felt was a great move so our girls won’t have to miss the parade this year .  Little did I know this year we would have several athletes up for court nominations for homecoming and winners would be announced Thursday night at Pep Rally.  The Girls were suppose to start their race at 5:00 pm and got postponed til 5:30 pm due to the middle school athletes running late.  The girls ran well under the conditions of a new course, and late timing of the start.  They ran against some very loaded Iowa Schools (Pleasant Valley, Assumption, &  Bettendorf).  Geneseo Girls Team placed 5th out of 8 teams with an average time of 20:58 for first five Runners.   Alleman was close by only 7 points.  Alleman has moved up to class 2A with us this year and will be participating in our regional. The girls teams was also  only four points away from Annawan Wethersfield, who are in class 1A but have a history of great success in the post season the last several years. 

9-24-15 Rock Island Invitational Individual Results

9-24-15 Rock Invitational Team Results

Josie Brown was our only medalist in the Varsity Race with a place of 15th and a time of 20:13.  In the Frosh Soph race our only medalist was Jessica Daly placing 15th as well with a time of 22:25. 



11227771_10205985855623868_8907682659591462872_oBefore the meet warm up for the second time!


12045710_10207691009301939_740943048102064994_oMolly deep in thought….

12030316_10205985885304610_1914412987035355414_o“Two of our three Fastest Feet of the Meet….Jessica Daly placing 15th in the Frosh/Soph race and Lauren receiving it for coming back after an injury and competing with all she had !”

10960380_10205985848023678_6026774225933398441_oCoach T-Manager Erika Furbeck-Athlete Morgan Hartsock-Coach Graves…Thank you for all your help!

12039008_10205985838663444_3141177786900583092_oBrandi giving Lydia some words of encouragement before the race….

11221613_10205985834103330_8730336596523214172_oOne of my favorite photos!

12017421_10205985835623368_4567254970419525756_oCoach always is preaching that I need to hydrate!


One of the Fastest Feet of the meet…Lydia Mejias-Dansbach.  We were so  proud of her because she did not have to stop and walk during the meet. Such a great accomplishment for her.

Some impressive finishing sprints

from the Geneseo Squad!

Veronica Eilers
12069018_10205985932705795_7808183107496567554_o Brandi Gatter

11999731_10205985927105655_8020780147339491432_oRebekah Beard

12002544_10205985928305685_4488681973980728535_oCallie Miller

12028714_10205985929465714_7113138245136278273_oFacial expressions speak volumes….

The week leading into homecoming the senior captains were in charge of the work outs and organizing some fun things to do. So each day they had dress up day…Here is a few pictures…Rainbow Day-Oreo Day-Boy Day..

IMG_3595 IMG_3599 IMG_3605