Science Class for May 15-19

M     5/15     Quiz, Read p. 106-112, Notes over Simple Machines

T      5/16     Baseball Field Trip

W     5/17     Simple Machine/Lego Labs, Book Turn In

Th    5/18     Lego Labs

F      5/19     Lego Labs

Science Class for May 8-12

M     5/8     Stomp Rocket/Force and Speed Lab

T      5/9     Newtons Laws Video, Read p. 47-51, Do Newtons 2nd and 3rd Law WS

W    5/10     Jet Race Lab/Newtons Law Assessment

Th   5/11     District Post Assessment

F    5/12     District Post Assessment

Science Class for May 1-5

M     5/1     Read p. 36-42, Do Gravity WS

T      5/2     Discuss Gravity, Projectile Motion MiniLab

W     5/3     Catapult Lab

Th    5/4     Catapult Lab

F      5/5     Read p. 44-46, Do Newtons First Law WS


Science Class For April 24-28

M     4/24     Discuss Friction, Friction Lab

T      4/25     Gravity Video, Read p. 20-25, Notes

W     4/26     Discuss Gravity, Center of Gravity Lab

Th    4/27     Test-Chapter 1 “Motion”

F      4/28     Stomp Rocket Lab ?

Science Class for April 17-21

M     4/17     Speed Graphs, Video-“Thrill Ride”

T      4/18     Do Speed Graph WS, End Video-“Thrill Ride”

W     4/19     Do Acceleration WS, Read p. 10-13, Do p. 13, 2-9

Th    4/20     Discuss Forces, Do Balance Forces Lab

F      4/21     Read p. 14-19, Do Friction WS

Science Class for April

M     4/3     Melting Block Lab, Work on Heat Picture

T      4/4     Do Temp Conversion WS, Work on Heat Picture (due Wed)

W     4/5     Discuss Speed/Velocity, Domino Lab

Th    4/6     Practice Speed Calculations, Complete Domino Lab, Ball Drop Lab

F      4/7     Do Speed WS, Complete Ball Drop Lab, Graph Data

Science Class for March 27-31

M     3/27     Review Conversion Of Energy, Research Fossil Fuels

T      3/28     Do Bunsen Burner Lab, Read p. 158-163, Do Temp WS

W     3/29     Do Thermal Expansion Lab, Read p. 164-170, Do Heat WS

Th    3/30     Discuss Heat Transfer, Work on Heat Picture

F      3/31     Do Ice/Melting Block Lab, Work on Heat Picture

Science Class for March 20-24

M     3/20     Discuss Forms of Energy, Read p. 132-137, Do Notes

T      3/21     Quiz over Energy, Read p. 138-141, Do “Conservation of Energy” WS

W     3/22     Energy Conversion WS

Th    3/23     Energy Video

F      3/24     Energy Video

Science Class For March 13-17

M     3/13     Discuss Kinetic/Potential Energy, Do Kinetic Energy WS

T      3/14     Do Potential Energy WS

W     3/15     Energy Video, Do Forms Of Energy WS

Th    3/16     Roller Coaster Lab

F      3/17     Roller Coaster Lab

Science Class for March 6-10

M     3/6     PARCC Testing-No Class

T      3/7     PARCC Testing-No Class

W     3/8     Evaluate Board Game Projects

Th    3/9     Evaluate Board Game Projects

F      3/10    Read p. 124-130, Do “Energy” WS

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