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Slides presented at October 12, 2017 Board Meeting

Here is a PDF with the slides that were shared with the School Board on October 12th.  There was an additional summary of all the comments shared by community members so far.  There will not be a recommendation at this time for a property tax referendum.

The Board will be reviewing many possibilities over the coming months– from enacting user taxes, for example a student would pay to participate in a sport or some other co-curricular or extra-curricular; also investigating some possible reductions in personnel and programs.

Look for additional opportunities to participate in providing feedback!

Budget Sustainability BOE October 12, 2017

Special Education Spending

One of the areas that is most challenging for the district financially is appropriately and adequately serving students with disabilities.  These students with individualized educational programs may be receiving minimal minutes of service per day, or may be in very small class sizes with both teacher and paraprofessional support.  Included with this post are some charts and graphs that show you how much the district spends in this area, as well as some of the shortfalls created by diminished and generally inadequate reimbursements for expenses in these areas.

Area Spending By Child Counts Special Services

Revenue Versus Expense History Special Education

Revenue Versus Expense Comparison Special Education